Baby Gates That Will Protect Your Precious Little Ones From Dangerous Areas

Secure the babies! There are areas at home that are not safe for our munchkins. Don’t worry we offer you these reliable baby gates that are perfect for securing standard-width staircases and doorways or convert into playpens in large rooms. Block off the danger!

#5: North States Metal Superyard

This baby gate has wide openings, locking mechanism, and one-way door design. It is a six-panel setup rather than a three-panel one. Its ends can be fastened to walls or connected in a ring with one another to create a small play yard. It has a length of about 12 feet while the eight-panel is 16 feet and are only available in white color. However, keep it 20 inches away from the fireplace or woodstove for sure safety if in case the baby knocks it over.



#4: North States Deluxe Decor Gate

This baby gate can cover an opening 72 inches wide, or up to 87 inches with an added extension which is sold separately. It consists of three panels, the center of which has the gate door. The door panels 27 inches wide which larger compared to other gates. However, has a threshold piece that crosses the door opening and presents a tripping hazard because of the multipanel design. It can be opened in only one direction that can’t be changed



#3: Smart Retract Retract-A-Gate

This baby gate is retractable and hardware-mounted screens that use a sheet of mesh fabric pulled across an opening and hooked to the other side instead of a swinging metal door. It can be used in tight areas like entryway or hallways. Its handle is just a cut-out in the mesh, is easy to grab and pull, regardless of which side of the gate you’re standing on. The locking mechanism is also functional. To use the gate, a locking dial on the spool side needs to be turned to unlock, then the mesh sheet can be pulled out of the spool and hooked on the other side of the opening. Once it’s attached, the locking dial needs to be turned again to the lock position. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive.



#2: North States Easy Swing & Lock Gate

This baby gate features an auto-lock that can re-latch with a solid push, rather than only by manually setting the gate in place. hen a thumb lever is pressed, the gate can be lifted up and out of a little holder piece. The gate is re-latched with a firm push. However, it doesn’t have the durability of the all-metal build or the ability to be mounted at an angle.



#1: Cardinal Gates SS-30 Stairway Special

This baby gate has a 100 percent metal locking system and can support 180 pounds of weight without any flex. It fits openings 27 to 42½ inches and is available in white and black. Its lock is built around two opposing press down on two little metal tabs that unhook the gate from the latch, then the gate can be lifted in order to open it. The metal tabs sit loosely on the gate and fall into place through gravity. The downside of all-metal latch and hinge is noisier than latches on gates with plastic locks.