Blackout Curtains To Blind Bright Light In Your Room

Want to have a dim room to shut-eye after a stressful night shift? Try one of these blackout curtains that will surely to blind the sunlight on your window during the day. It offers acoustic deadening and thermal insulating properties. Have a recharged morning wake-up every day!

#4: Best Home Fashion’s Thermal Insulated Curtains

This blackout curtain features an innovative triple weave fabric construction to block out sunlight and harmful UV rays. This is ideal for home theater or lab because it is somewhat luminous in a bedroom and has no weave or texture. Yet, it is very useful and practical to those who do not like too many decorations.



#3: IKEA Marjun Curtains

This blackout curtain comes only in two strictly solid colors: brown and gray. It has one length that blocks out plenty of light in a room. It produces a really dark photograph and did not light up bright white. It has a pair of elegant long 98-inch curtain panels that easy to hem. The weight of this curtains feels heavy which only show a nice quality of the fabric.



#2: Emery Insulated Total Blackout Window Curtains

This blackout curtain is not a complete darkness, especially during the day. This is ideal for people who want a pretty well-made curtain that will give a beautiful kind of darkness in the night yet also allows light in during the day. It has several colors and styles with lining as an extra. There also available styles that are double-width curtains that is a big help for harder-to-cover double windows. In the photograph, it produces a bright white result with the white curtains that mean the light can easily shine through them. Not really ideal for a blackout curtain but it is significantly darker compared to other curtains which have a regular cotton lining. It also has a polyester lining but it’is thinner and less heavy duty.



#1: Sebastian Insulated Total Blackout Window Curtains

This blackout curtain made it to the top of our list for the best blackout curtains you can buy because it is a lot better in blocking out light than almost all other curtains. It is a complete light-blocking curtain that is the extremely effective at keeping the light from coming through. It comes with good ranges of widths to complement your window. The fabric itself is fairly opaque but the lining is the real light blocker. The combination of the materials -heavy, thick layer of tightly woven polyester – made for a curtain panel that blocked 100% of the light. Also great to home theaters according to some reviews. The panels have a generous 50-inch width for a huge coverage around your window frames while the lengths come in standard 63-, 84-, 95-, and 108-inch versions. Plus, it is very affordable in case you need to dress multiple windows!