Upgrade Your Bathroom With These Electric Toothbrushes

Make it a habit! We offer you these clinically-tested electric toothbrushes for a stronger, whiter teeth, healthier gums, and a fresh breath as you face the day. With these toothbrushes, you get to visit your dentist rarely for it is proven that more percentage of plaque is being removed compared to manual brushing. Have that celebrity kind of smile with your gorgeous teeth!

#5: Aura Clean BA-0101

This electronic toothbrush uses 40,000 tiny brush strokes per minute and features dual cleaning setting. It reduces plaque and gingivitis more than manual toothbrushing. It has a powerful circular UV lamp that kills germs while not in use as it charges. Have a germ-free kind of brushing daily!


#4: Oral-B Pro 7000

This electronic toothbrush can be connected to your smartphone, giving a real-time feedback on tracking your brushing habit which motivates every user to brush their teeth after eating. It features 6 modes of cleaning: daily clean, gum care, sensitive, whitening, deep clean, and tongue cleaner. Plus, it is rechargeable so that you can use it on you traveling journey!


#3: Waterpik Sensonic

This electronic toothbrush has the highest ratings for user satisfaction and perfect for those who have orthodontics. It offers a variety of 3 customized brush heads with powerful performance, leaving your mouth a breathtaking result. Compared to other brands, it is way more expensive and old style.


#2: Philips Sonicare 2

This trusted brand is known for its own sonic technology that has a magnificent quality and value. With its dynamic fluid action that is up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute, it can help clean between teeth and along the gumline. Despite the great features of this electronic toothbrush, some users are being annoyed with the auto shutoff and have only one brush head available.


#1: Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean

This electronic toothbrush is a great investment for your tooth and gums which has a similar care you get from your dentist. It can remove up to 10 times more plaque and improves gum health up to 7 times in just 2 weeks when compared to a normal toothbrush. It can also remove up to 100% more stains in just 3 days. There are four different smart brush head types that automatically pair with the appropriate brushing mode and smart sensors that will provide real time feedback.