Mandoline Slicers With The Sharpest Razors To Aid You In The Kitchen

Are you looking for the best mandoline slicers? Give your food a touch of delicious presentations with these top slicers on our list. They offer the sharpest razors without frills. It can help you simply prepare your food in no time!

#3: Super Benriner

This mandoline slicer can give its best performance with its sharp diagonal blade that provides smooth action. You can interchange any of the super-fine shreds, thin julienne, or wider batons. It has a removable blade that you can hone or sharpen. You can adjust the thickness with its screws to have the exact cut that you want.



#2: Swissmar Börner VPower

This mandoline slicer comes with blades for making baton (french fry) and julienne (matchstick) cuts. It has a hand guard to protect your hands away from sharp blades. With this slicer, you can have control because of its roomy handle and the large rubberized feet. However, it is bulky though.



#1: KitchenAid V-Slicer

This slicer has the best performance, perfectly even slices and offers a smooth platform for great slicing action that put it at the top of our list for the best mandoline slicers you can buy. Its V-shaped slicer has a smooth slicing platform with a fast slicing action. It is small enough to store in a kitchen drawer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with extra attachments to make different cuts, we think it has enough functionality for most people.