Memory-Foam Mattress Toppers That Will Let You Rest On A Cloud

Have a high-technology kind of sleep with these memory foam mattress toppers that are one of the most comfortable additions to our slumber for generations. They ideally support the body’s natural lines and soften different pressure points. It is also good for handling body heat and mitigating allergens.

#4: Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Medium 2-inch

This memory-foam mattress topper is 100% natural latex topper that retains less heat, and the heavy, dense foam feels bouncier and springs back to its original shape faster. It comes in a range of thicknesses and density/firmness levels to suit a variety of your sleep needs. This topper is a great choice for people who have hip and shoulder pain from a firm mattress. Its firm density hip and shoulder pain from a firm mattress. It weighs about 30 pounds making it the densest topper on our list. Unfortunately, there are reviews about worsening the back pain, but maybe because of the wrong level of support.



#3: Malouf Isolus 2-Inch Ventilated

This memory-foam mattress topper is best for people whose primary concern is having a plush, cushioned surface. When you are lying down on this topper, you may feel being cradled hat means more of your body is in contact with the surface which can lead to overheating. It has excellent motion isolation, too. Although it has a cushiony comfort, you will wake up with a lot of sweat.



#2: Red Nomad 2-Inch Thick Gel Infused Visco Elastic

This is a non-gel memory-foam mattress topper has a density of about 2½ pounds per cubic foot. It will keep you cool night after night with an improved Cool Cycle Polymer design that keeps cool air in and heats out so you won’t have sweaty nights. It can reduce pressure points which helps to alleviate that nagging ache in your neck or back in whatever position you do while sleeping. It is a good deal!



#1: DreamFoam 2-Inch Gel Swirl

This topper is the least expensive one that made it to the top of our list for the best memory-foam mattress toppers you can buy. It is cushioned and soft without being squishy. It is ideal for couples with its isolating motion that also fits on two mattresses. It does not overheat overnight unlike other toppers on our list. It is gel-infused which theoretically helps cool the hot sleepers depending on the user’s weight. Unfortunately, it is not so dense to the point where it is difficult for users to roll around. It does not provide quite enough support on the upper back but gives even support all over.