Platform Bed Frames That Will Eliminate The Need For A Box Spring

Looking for platform bed frames that will serve as a replacement for a box spring? A good night sleep will prepare you for all the activities on the next day. We have the best ones on our list! We included a variety of styles to suit your need.

#4: Zinus Platform 3000 Metal Bed Frame

This platform bed frame can be assembled in 20-30 minutes. For more support of your bed, you can add two slats to reduce the spacing or have a full-size (or two half-size) pieces of plywood cut at your hardware store. A good-looking and strong bed frame at a very affordable price!



#3: Zinus Upholstered Button-Tufted Platform Bed

This platform bed frame is low-cost bed frame with a good slat spacing for a foam mattress. Its headboards are much easier to assemble compared to other bed frames on the market. It has tight slat spacing of just under 3 inches. Plus, it is very easy to ship, its all-in-one storage.



#2: KD Frames Nomad 2 Platform Bed Plus

This platform bed frame will take about 25-40 minutes to assemble since you still have to join together each leg and side with hex bolts and a few screws. Its natural wood can be painted and its frame allows for 11½ inches of clearance on each side which is enough for some storage bins. You can also raise the bed with a different set of 18-inch legs, bringing the clearance to 14½ inches. It leaves an only 2.8-inch gap between the slats and the slats themselves are 2 inches wide by 1 inch thick; combined with their spacing. The downside to this bed frame is its heavy hardwood pieces and bare wood is vulnerable to cuts, nicks, pen marks, cat claws and much more household agents that can ruin the wood.



#1: Zinus Quick Snap 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame

This platform bed frame is out top choice on our list for the best platform bed frames you can buy. It has square metal legs that are wide and painted a matte dark brown. Its slats and middle support rail provide much more support than other frames at a very affordable price. It keeps the mattress from slipping. It has the easiest frame to assemble and disassemble. Its slats are spaced 2½ inches apart and Velcro straps that stick to the frame sides hold them together in a roll. There is a thick steel beam held up on an also-thick leg to support the slats in the center. Its plastic pads on the bottom of all the feet prevent damage to floors. Your mattress can stay well with just its own weight and some light resistance from the wood grain. This bed frame provides the sticky tape to prevent mattress sliding. It will take about 20 minutes from scratch to finish. It also has the easiest disassembly, just peel off the slats, unscrew the center leg, and tap the sides up and out of their joints. It will raise your mattress to a 14-inch height that will allow for 11½ inches of clearance for your storages.