Spiralizers That Will Create Unbreakable Noodles Of Vegetables

Another kitchen aid that you and your family will surely love! These spiralizers will definitely attract your loved ones to eat healthy food with its unique style of cutting your vegetables like a work of art. They can turn cucumbers into spaghetti-like strands, make carrots into julienne strips, transform zucchini into zoodles, and so much more!

#3: OXO Good Grips Handheld Spiralizer

This affordable spiralizer has a single blade and no other attachments. It produces firm noodles without breaking apart. It can make only one or two servings of vegetable noodles, more than that would be so tiring to your wrist. It perfectly cuts delicate vegetables like summer squash and zucchini while it also cuts fibrous result like beets and carrots. Its food holder with its sharp teeth that secures the food in place and makes it easier to twist. It is recommended to cut the vegetables into smaller portions for a better control. The top cap even locks onto the base so the two pieces stay together and the locking lid also keeps the blade covered when not in use. Both the base and top cap are dishwasher-safe! Unfortunately, it needs more elbow grease than hand-crank models because you have to push and twist vegetables against the blade by hand. Also, the holder cap will shred the end of the vegetable which causes you to lose your grip yet can be mended by slicing off the shredded end with a knife before continuing.



#2: Spiralizer Five-Blade Vegetable Slicer

This spiralizer has five blades but not that sharp. It is ideal for vegetables like zucchini but does not cut fibrous vegetables compared to other models. Its four suction feet remains secure while working but the feet will lose their grip on the counter so you need to reapply more pressure to the unit to get suction again. Also, its lip is about 2¾-inches high that would fit over a shallow bowl or catch and guide the cut vegetable noodles onto a cutting board or cookie sheet. The cons of this model are: it does not have a separate compartment for holding the blade attachments and using the ribbon blade, the beets and carrots fall apart but most people will use the noodle blades for fibrous vegetables.



#1: OXO Good Grips Spiralizer

This spiralizer has a compact size and three sharp blades that can cut both firm and delicate vegetables with the least effort that produces long noodles without breaking apart. Its three colorful blade attachments can safely fit in a separate covered plastic compartment which is very convenient. Its wide base suctions securely to your work surface and does not move while spiralizing. Also, the blades will not clog as much as other models. Plus, at the bottom of the container is perforated that allows excess water to drain off the rinsed blades. Its extraordinary suctions is secure, it won’t move during vigorous spiralizing with its small lever that activates the wide rubber suction under the base. Although it is more expensive, it is still on top of our list for the best spiralizers you can buy!