Bread Machines That Will Make You Sniff And Eat Delicious Bread At Home

Looking for freshly baked bread everyday in no time? We have the best solution for you. These high-end bread machines allow you to bake the perfectly delicious bread from the best ingredients. Bake on your own without those nasty preservatives!

#3: Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker

This bread machine will help you control the mixing and baking process of your bread. It features many pre-programmed settings for your own cycle, adjusts kneading, rising and baking times to the minute in which you can save up to three of these custom cycles. It has two kneading blades and produces a standard-sized loaf which is not too thick with a soft crumb and a crust. It has a digital display that lights up for you read easily, telling you what time the loaf is ready. Unfortunately, it is quite big and heavy.



#2: T-fal PF311E ActiBread Programmable Bread Machine

This bread machine is a single-paddle machine that is slightly compact and an option for a gluten-free loaf. It produces taller loaf yet smaller footprint. The loaf is evenly kneaded and risen with a smooth domed top. In lightest crust setting, the loaves have a nice golden brown but a shade of dark in the medium setting. This machine is a great choice for its 3 gluten-free setting: regular gluten-free bread, sweet bread, and cake. Although there are unnecessary setting such as for making jam, cake, pasta dough and salt-free bread, you will get everything you need in this bread machine, plus a delay timer up to 15 hours.



#1: West Bend 41410 2.5-pound Hi-Rise Bread Maker

This machine made it to the top of our list for the best bread machines you can buy. It has a pan measures 9 inches long and 5 inches wide. Its twin paddles create perfect white sandwich bread and whole-wheat bread mixing every last bit of flour. It produces golden brown from top to bottom, with a crust that is not overly thick or tough. It is perfect also for gluten-free loaves with a spongey, open crumb that rises high. It is easy to set up, and separate buttons allow you to select the loaf size, crust color, and delayed start time. It has 12 different settings ranging from sandwich bread to whole wheat to sweet bread, plus mix-only and bake-only settings, dough setting, cake, and jam. Plus, it has a memory feature that allows it to pick up where it left off if it loses power for up to five minutes.