Office Chairs That Will Give Comfortable Position For Long Hours Of Work

Looking for the most comfortable office chairs on the market? These chairs on our list will prevent you from muscle and skeletal pain from long hours of work in your office. These are perfect for different body types while working important projects or having gaming sessions. They offer a wide range of adjustability to suit your need!

#4: Herman Miller Embody

This office chair supports and comforts in different positions that you do. Its armrests adjust vertically and horizontally across a range. On its sleeve, it wears its complexity. Its back is dominated by a thick plastic spine that holds the pixelated backrest in place. However, the price is higher than the chair on top of our list.



#3: Herman Miller Aeron

This office chair is breathable so it is ideal for people who sweat a lot. It has hard seat edge is murder on the quads if you’re not at the ideal seat height for more than a couple of minutes. This chair is very affordable and you can find used ones from office-furniture liquidators for a lesser price. Unfortunately, its mesh design will make you dust the area directly beneath the seat.



#2: Steelcase Leap

This office chair has an adjustable lumbar support. It has traditional telescoping armrests, reclining mechanism, and customizability. If your concern is proper arm support and a healthy back, the price won’t matter to you. It is quite expensive though.



#1: Steelcase Gesture

This office chair is highly adjustable and its armrests rotate outward to accommodate you to make room for a tablet on your lap and downward to support your lowered elbows. Regardless of your body positioning, it is flexible and has padded edges that keep the cushioning comfortable. It has a switch located on the back half of the seat-depth knob that lets you adjust the seat height as easily as the depth. This chair is great in a back and reclining support. It lets you easily control how much you can recline, and how readily it leans back. In actual sitting, the springy feeling keeps you supported for long-term sitting sessions. Unfortunately, it lacks adjustable lumbar support.