Electric Shavers That Will Leave The Skin On Your Face Feeling Smooth And Clean

Unwanted facial hair? These powerful electric shavers are the solution to your problem. After shaving, they will not leave any stubble on your face, leaving it clean and smooth. A man must have one of these shavers to look good before leaving the house for the office, a party or even for a date with your lovely lady.

#4: Remington F5-5800

This electric shaver uses a proven dual-foil system with a center lift/cut trimmer mated to a pivoting head. It has an informative thermometer-like battery readout and it is easily rinsed under running water. Plus, it uses a NiMH battery instead of lithium-ion. Unfortunately, it is likely less durable because it comes only with a cheap plastic head protector that gets lost easily.



#3: Braun Series 9 9095cc

This electric shaver weighs about 7.6 ounces. It is longer, has more girth and has a more top-heavy balance compared to Series 7. Its four-way head sticks to the company’s traditional two-foil design but adds a pair of additional cutting mechanisms, a new “direct & cut” trimmer and a “hyper-lift & cut” trimmer. It shaves faster and smoother but bulkier. The downside is that it is difficult to maneuver in the tight spots and quite expensive.



#2: Braun Series 7 7865cc

This electric shaver has a couple of extra electronic indicators to let you know when foil replacement is needed and whether the shaver is dirty. You can do it every 18 months or so when your shave quality declines. Also, it has 4 synchronized shaving elements shave in one stroke.



#1: Braun Series 7 760cc

This shaver made it to the top of our list for the best electric shavers you can buy. It shaves closely without irritating your skin. It has a double-foil shaver with a trimmer mechanism centered between the foils. It has a vibration that captures the toughest parts of your beard with a high-speed scissoring action. The best performance at a very affordable price!