Best Epilators On The Market For Painless Hair Removal

Gorgeous ladies! Are you looking for the best epilators on the market? We made it easier for you by reviewing all the possible epilators we can find on social media, online retailers, blog sites, and other beauty online shops. You do not need to worry about your hairs grow so fast because we offer you these effective and reliable painless hair removal for your arms, legs and even in the most sensitive parts of your body. These epilators will leave your skin so soft and smooth without irritation!

#5: Epilady Legend 4 Full-Size Rechargeable Epilator

This epilator is designed for travelers out there who want to have soft and smooth skin for a variety of outfits to wear. It works slowly but surely you will get the best result you desire. It functions with both cord and cordless but the downside is that the process takes time then hairs become visible after few days.


#4: Emjoi Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator

This epilator is known for its neat result without ingrown hairs for a very affordable price. It contains 72 anti-microbial silver ion tweezers for a an easy shaving experience. The only con to this epilator is that you should be careful of the heat from its head, therefore it is not advisable to repetitively glide it in a specific area of the body.


#3: Panasonic Ladies Wet and Dry Epilator

A product of a very reputable company which is Panasonic, this superior epilator is designed for a comfortable use with its angled head for a very simple way of removing hairs. It includes pedicure buffer attachments for completes hair removal and foot care at home. The only con to this epilator is that some users having a condition of ingrown hairs.


#2: Philips Satin Perfect Cordless Epilator

This epilator is a very convenient cordless device. It has hypoallergenic ceramic tweezers that keep your skin away from irritation while having a soft and smooth result. While this epilator is very easy to use in completely removing your hair, its downside is that the head contains only 40 tweezers compared to other brands.


#1: Braun Silk-épil 9 Wet and Dry Cordless

This brand made it at the top of our list for the best epilators you can buy. It has a MicroGrip tweezer technology that intricately removes every hair strand in your skin with its bigger and better head. It is quite expensive yet you are trading for the best skin care that offers a facial brush as a bonus item.