Bluetooth Audio Receivers That Will Explode Music Using Your Stereo System

Turn on the stereo! These Bluetooth audio receivers will forget about Bluetooth speakers and remind you of your stereo system at home. They will easily stream audio from your smartphone wirelessly over any stereo system. Just plug into your system and see how it works!

#4: Samson 30-Pin Bluetooth Receiver BT30

This Bluetooth audio receiver has a pairing button for you to easily disconnect the current device to allow you to easily connect a new device, regardless of whether the new device was previously paired. It manages 78 feet unobstructed and 67 feet obstructed compared to other models that have shorter ranges. Although it does not support aptX, it sounds really good!



#3: Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

This Bluetooth audio receiver has a lively music, crisp, clear highs, detailed midrange, and clean bass, specifically when used with devices that support aptX. It also supports AAC so if you want to hook it up to an even better DAC in the future, it includes optical-digital output. It has RCA analog audio outputs, which are sturdier than the 3.5 mm stereo minijack used by most other models. It features a dedicated pairing button which is useful not only for pairing new devices but also for quickly dropping the current Bluetooth connection in order to switch to another source device. Plus, it includes a plastic external antenna. It can manage up to 90 feet away when outdoor and 30 feet with walls in between.



#2: Monoprice Bluetooth Streaming Music Receiver

This Bluetooth audio receiver uses the same circuit board and the same DAC with the top receiver on our list. They also perform essentially identical. Also, they usually around the same price. If ever you find this receiver cheaper than the top one, it’s worthy to buy.



#1: StarTech BT2A Bluetooth Audio Receiver

This receiver has a two-year warranty that made it to the top our list for the best Bluetooth audio receiver you can buy. It has NFC circuitry for easy pairing with Android mobile phones and other compatible devices. It can remember eight paired devices. It supports the aptX codec and features a high-quality DAC. It has the best dynamic range, high-frequency and midrange detail, bass power and tightness, and the least high-frequency distortion. It has a Toslink optical digital audio output that allows you to upgrade audio quality by using an external DAC. In outdoors, the unobstructed range was about 40 feet away.