Computer Speakers That Will Boost Your Sound Quality Whether in Music Or Gaming

Audio quality! Grab one of these high-end computer speakers and forget about the built-in ones. They offer a generous amount of bass that is ideal for gaming or music. Get more advanced in your audio system!

#4: Logitech Z313 Speaker System

This computer speaker is a 2.1 system with bass that is a bit boomy at high volumes. The mids are a bit thin-sounding and the highs have a harsh edge to them. Plus, it has a control pod remote hardwired into the sub and connects to your computer’s headphone jack.



#3: Edifier R2000DB

The midrange was nice and open and the highs were crisp. You can adjust the treble and bass levels with two knobs on the back of the powered speaker. It features Bluetooth connectivity and an optical input. Unfortunately, it does not have any input or headphone jack on the front of the speaker. Also, there is no any volume control knob but with remote that allows you to adjust volume, select the input, or change listening modes.



#2: Mackie CR4BT

This computer speaker has a slightly large footprint. Larger drivers produce a nicely formed low end without overpowering the upper range. The downsides are: there is some bass distortion that could affect the pitch of higher overtones and over Bluetooth music sounds, losing some of the bass oomph and getting a bit tinny in the highs. You can easily reconnect a previously paired device by tapping the button on the front of the speaker. However, every time you turn it on, it will connect to the previous two devices that were used.



#1: Mackie CR3

This computer speaker is accessible and versatile. It has three input options while on the back is an unbalanced RCA input as well as a ¼-inch input that could be either unbalanced or balanced (TRS), depending on your source output and cables. Its ⅛-inch TRS aux input on the front that allows easy access for plugging in another temporary source, like a phone, without moving the speakers or struggling with blindly fumbling behind the desk searching for an input. It has a headphone-out jack that defeats the internal amp, meaning no audio signal will come out of the speakers when the headphones are plugged in. It has a volume knob and a powered speaker position switch. This allows you to place the powered speaker on the side of the desk that is closest to your outlet and/or computer, minimizing the distance the power and audio cables need to run. Unfortunately, there is no built-in Bluetooth.