Doorbell Cameras That Will Keep An Eye On Your Doorsteps

Someone's coming! Receive alerts on your smartphone or tablet when your packages or visitors arrive, talk to your visitors through its speaker, and microphone. Plus, record suspicious activities all day and all night around your door or entryway. Security at a higher level!

#3: Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This doorbell camera has a granular motion sensor and a stellar response time when it comes to opening the video in the app. This is a wired-only doorbell so you can place it on where your existing doorbell is. It measures 4.5 inches tall by 1.85 inches wide and 0.8 inches deep that fits most of the door frames. There are two places you will need to work on for the doorbell to be installed: To you doorbell’s indoor chime and at the doorbell itself. It involves turning off the power and rewiring the doorbell chime to integrate the Ring’s Pro Power Kit. Unscrew the doorbell chime’s existing wires and then thread them through the Ring-provided wire clips. Tuck the wires and the rectangular Pro Power Kit into the doorbell-chime cover using double-sided tape to hold the kit in place and replace the cover. Turn the power back on and install the doorbell itself. It has the fastest and most consistent among doorbells on our list. It can send notifications to your phone in less than a second from pressing the doorbell in both Wi-Fi and over the cellular connection. It also takes two seconds to establish the video connection which means, if someone is ringing the doorbell in three seconds, you will see who is at the door and you can start talking to them. You need to subscribe to the Ring service so that it will show you what triggered the event. The camera is outstanding in night vision, with or without exterior lighting. It also features Neighborhoods program that allows you to save an image of someone (or something) suspicious and then share it with nearby Ring doorbell owners. Without buying a subscription, it's the only way to share the data. If you have a Ring subscription, you can share both live and saved the video in the Neighborhoods section of the app and can be viewed by law enforcement. The big downside is that it requires a $3 a month (or $30 per year) subscription to access recordings of visits or motion-detection events. Another one is it may send occasional false positive generated by a tree branch blowing in the wind or a shift in the light but with the granular motion settings, you are able to mostly eliminate those. Also, it doesn’t start recording before the motion event happens, so you sometimes miss a few moments.



#2: Ring Video Doorbell

This doorbell camera can run on a rechargeable battery and just stick it outside your door without wires. This is the only model that can work even if you don’t attach it to your existing doorbell wires. In order to access and charge the battery, connect the charger to the USB port on the back of the doorbell and wait about half a day. According to Ring, A 10-hour charge will last for a year. It is 4.9 inches tall by 2.4 inches wide and it looks bulky because of the battery. Its motion detection is excellent because it uses an IR sensor that detects body heat so tree branches or shifting shadows won’t set the motion detector off. You must refine the motion sensing if your home is close to the street because a car will set it off. This camera also allows you to control motion-based notifications according to how sensitive you’d like the camera to be and where you’d like the detection to stop. You can dial back the number of feet the motion detector monitors if your doorbell is close to the road where you won't get a notification each time someone walks on the sidewalk in front of your house; the system waits until, say, something is 10 feet from your door before notifying you. Plus, it also features a tracking of repeated and similar motion, letting you know when that action is finished. Unfortunately, it shoots only in 720p HD and it does not provide free cloud storage.



#1: SkyBell HD

This doorbell camera has the best night vision, high-quality video, and has an extraordinary motion detection. It also has a free cloud access to past videos. It also saves the pre-recording videos a few seconds of video from before motion was actually detected. It is responsive even if there's a 1 to 2 seconds delay in initiating the video connection. Its wide camera allows you to see the face of whoever is at the door, even a cute little child who is pressing the button (though you might not see a small package left directly under the doorbell). For installation, it will take 15 minutes. Same as other doorbell installation in our list, it attaches using a mounting plate that you screw into the wall. The bell generates a Wi-Fi network to which you connect your smartphone or tablet; then you configure the SkyBell HD for your Wi-Fi network, entering your network’s password to connect. Its app also features personalized two LED lights on the SkyBell HD. The app can be opened directly to a page that lets you tap a button to watch a live stream 24/7. Plus, its video quality is full 1080p HD. You can save videos on its cloud server for free for seven days, and you can download them during that time. All these features made it to the top of ost for the best doorbell cameras you can buy!



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