HDTV Antennas That Will Deliver High Picture-Quality Television

Crystal clear! Save your money from very expensive cable and satellite television with these high-quality HDTV antennas without losing your local programming. It offers an option for virtually every household depending on a number of TVs you own and on where you live. There are suitable for both indoor and outdoor!

#5: HD Frequency Cable Cutter Mini

This HDTV antenna's size is ideal for indoor use. It comes with a removable 12-foot RG-6 cable and 3D adhesive tab for mounting to a wall. Its HD Frequency is all metal and does not use the paper-thin design that is popular with antennas. Basically, it is a metal rectangle divided into four quadrants. In Pennsylvania, the Cable Cutter Mini had trouble with PBS, FOX, and The CW, though ABC, NBC, and CBS came in strongly. In New York, the Cord Cutter outperformed most of the rest of the antennas by scoring all ten target channels with strength readings of 90 and above.



#4: Mohu Leaf 30

This HDTV antenna is a flat antenna with outstanding performance. The two sheets of plastic (one side black, one side white) that cover the antenna elements are much heavier than most and resist bending and creasing are better than other antennas. It comes with removable RG-6 10-foot cable and push pins for mounting. The pins fit into small holes at the top of the antenna and it can also be mounted with double-sided tape. In New York, the Leaf pulled in seven channels in the 90s or above.



#3: 1byOne round omnidirectional 30-mile range antenna

This HDTV antenna is one of the cheapest here on our list. Its built-in 10-foot cord is very slim which shows not insulated well. In the Pennsylvania location, this was one of the strongest antennas, pulling in eight of the target channels with signal strengths of 70 and up. The only target channel that it did poorly with was channel 69.



#2: Channel Master Flatenna

This HDTV antenna is wire embedded in thin plastic. Its downsides are that the plastic is thinner and shaky, plus, its short and removable cord. In Pennsylvania, the Channel Master pulled in 49 channels. All the target channels came in, even the distant channel 69 and NBC is unwatchable. If it is placed on the TV, it performs better. In New York, it pulled in nine channels with strength scores of 90 or above and no channel under 80.



#1: Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse

This HDTV antenna is the best-performing antenna in multiple locations that made it to the top of our list for the best HDTV antennas you can buy. It is a flat and circular piece of plastic with the antenna element inside which also includes a 12-foot removable cord. Its design is outstanding at pulling in broadcast signals, especially in the UHF band, which covers most digital stations. It comes also with a tacky Sure Grip surface on one side which allows you to adhere the Sure Grip tape to either side to remove the antenna from the wall. Great feature for placing it in the best location anytime without pulling off your paint or wallpaper.



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