MIDI Keyboards That Will Take Your Music To A Higher Level

Electronic music! These MIDI keyboards offer solid build quality and uncluttered design for beginners and experienced musicians. Collaborate with your computer through music!

#3: Akai MPK Mini MKII

This MIDI keyboard is ideal for live performance. It has a set of large, nice and responsive 1⅛-inch drum pads with enough space to play comfortably. Its pitch-bend and modulation thumbstick are also outstanding. Its built-in arpeggiator lets you tap out repeating patterns quickly. Its eight rotary knobs are small and light that offers too little resistance when twisted.



#2: Nektar Impact LX25+

This MIDI keyboard has full-size keys for developing keyboard players. It is a compact controller for live performance. It features LED display that provides visual feedback such as the active keyboard octave range during setup and configuration which you can carry out on the controller itself as opposed to using a separate software application and then porting the results over. It has a full set of transport keys to control DAW functions such as a full set of transport keys to control DAW functions such as looping, playback, and recording.



#1: Arturia MiniLab MkII

This 25-key controller is on top of our list for the best MIDI keyboards you can buy. It measures over 12 inches wide and 8½ inches deep. It is compact enough to sit comfortably on desktops alongside a computer and other gear. It has eight color-backlit velocity-sensitive pads are lined up in the center of the controller, easily accessible for finger-drumming. It also has a shift button lets you switch between two banks, bringing the total number of pad assignments to 16. Unfortunately, the response of its capacitive pitch-bend and modulation control strips is slow making it less interesting for live performance.



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