Mirrorless Camera For Beginners That Are Flexible For Your Developing Skills

Also, known as CSCs (compact system cameras)! These mirrorless cameras are designed to be lightweight, cheaper and smaller size compared to DSLRs. Some of them use digital image relayed through your viewfinder, rather than an array of light through complicated pentaprisms. They have simple controls that are ideal for aspiring photographers!

#3: Panasonic GF7

This camera has features like soft skin portrait mode and other unique modes yet it does not keep up with other models. It has a Wi-Fi to connect to your devices and 180-degree flip. Plus, you can activate its hands-free selfie by just waving. Unfortunately, it has a short battery life at a rate of 230 shots per charge.



#2: Panasonic Lumix G7

This camera can record a 4K video and performs well in low-light. It has a touchscreen that flips out to the side of the camera and can angle up and down or all the way forward, to take very low or high angles in making your selfies. You can shoot in full auto mode if you want. It has two command wheels to control shutter speed and aperture size. Good news, it has plenty of compatible lenses that are available. The downside to this camera if you are not fond of zoom, you will need a wide-angle lens to catch up on other models because it has a small APS-C–size sensor.



#1: Sony a5100

This camera is on top of our list for the best mirrorless cameras for beginners that you can buy. It captures great images and has an In-Camera Guide to help you know the camera itself. It has amazing low-light capabilities, fast shooting speeds, autofocus abilities, high-resolution and highly responsive touchscreen, NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity, plus you can find a wide selection of compatible lenses on the market. It offers large 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, powerful processor, and hybrid autofocus system. It captures the same level as the bulky DSLRs but in a compact design. In low light, it also performs very well with less noise on the images. One of its best features is the 179-point hybrid autofocusing system covering 92 percent of the frame. It weighs 10 ounces so you can just bring it on-the-go. You can take your beautiful selfies with a dozen of filters to play with your pictures. Plus, you can also record videos that are better than DSLRs. All features that you need in a camera is inside of this!



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