Are you looking for the hottest new Country songs of 2022?

Billboard has released its year-end list of the Top 10 Country Songs of 2022, and they’re all here! From the classic sounds of traditional Country to the modern vibes of Contemporary Country, there’s something here for everyone. Discover the latest hits from your favorite Country artists and find out which songs made the cut.

The list contains a mix of both upbeat and emotional songs, so you can find the perfect one for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a song to dance to or a ballad to bring you to tears, you’ll find it here. Plus, you can get album listings for each of the songs, so you can find the perfect one for your next road trip or night out with friends.

This is an article reviewing the Top 10 Country Songs of 2022 according to Billboard's year-end album listings!

1. “Take My Name” – Parmalee

From the Album - For You

For You


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If you're looking for a twang that'll make your toes tap, Parmalee has got just the thing! This quintet is toeing the line between pop and country with their 2021 record For You.

It's an album full of modern production flourishes topped off by special guest appearances from Fitz & The Tantrums' Avery Anna and Blanco Brown - who rose to fame in 2019 with his hit "The Git Up".

Their single “Just The Way" even reached number one on Billboard Country Airplay back in 2019! So, no matter what kind of soundtrack you need, don't forget: Parmalee have something perfect for everyone wanting smooth melodies paired with light R&B rhythms all grounded together perfectly by good ole down-home style.

Track Listings


1 Only You

2 Just the Way - By Parmalee & Blanco Brown

3 Backroad Girl

4 Take My Name

5 I Do

6 Miss You Now

7 Greatest Hits (feat. Fitz)

8 Better With You

9 Forget You (feat. Avery Anna)

10 Alone Like That

11 I See You

12 I'll Take The Chevy

13 For You

2. “Thinking ‘Bout You” – Dustin Lynch with MacKenzie Porter

From the Album - TULLAHOMA


Dustin Lynch with MacKenzie Porter

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On his fourth album, Dustin Lynch returns to the place where it all began - Tullahoma. This time around, he's crafted a collection of breezy country/R&B tunes that exude an effortless feel-good vibe and capture what makes coming home so special.

From sultry ballads sure to make you swoon (or at least sway) to upbeat jams reminiscent of Jason Aldean’s classic sound – this record is perfect for setting summery moods on any day or night!

Track Listings


1 Momma's House

2 Dirt Road

3 Thinking 'Bout You (feat. Lauren Alaina)

4 Ridin' Roads

5 Old Country Song

6 The World Ain't Yours and Mine

7 Country Star

8 Workin' On You

9 Little Town Livin'

10 Red Dirt, Blue Eyes

11 Good Girl

3. “‘Til You Can’t” – Cody Johnson

From the Album - Human


Cody Johnson

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With Human the Double Album, Cody Johnson proves he's an understated king of traditional country! His duet with Willie Nelson on "Sad Songs and Waltzes" is nothing short of legendary.

He also keeps sentimental classics like "God Bless The Boy (Cori’s Song)" from becoming too saccharine while swaggering through open-road anthems without succumbing to empty braggadocio.

From start to finish, this red dirt classic rocks our heartland sensibilities - all thanks to Johnson's unfussy yet confident execution that breathes life into each song!

Track Listings

Disc: 1


Disc: 1

1 Human

2 Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors

3 Sad Songs and Waltzes - By Cody Johnson & Willie Nelson

4 'Til You Can't

5 God Bless the Boy (Cori's Song)

6 Known for Loving You

7 Driveway

8 Son of a Ramblin' Man

9 I Always Wanted To

Disc: 2

1 I Don't Know a Thing About Love

2 Longer Than She Did

3 Made a Home

4 Let's Build a Fire

5 When It Comes to You

6 Treasure

7 Stronger

8 Cowboy Scale of 1 to 10 (with Red Steagall, Ned LeDoux, Corb Lund, Dale Brisby)

9 By Your Grace

4. “Damn Strait” – Scotty McCreery

From the Album - SAME TRUCK

Same Truck

Scotty McCreery

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Scotty McCreery has crafted his own blend of modern and 1990s style country music through Seasons Change, the 2018 album that secured him three consecutive number one hits on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.

Now he's back with a sequel - Same Truck – filled to the brim with heartfelt ballads about love and small-town life over gentle yet contemporary melodies.

His unique vocal delivery marries traditional influences from icons like George Strait seamlessly into this mellow brand of Americana; it gives these nostalgic tunes an inviting feel sure to captivate audiences everywhere!

Track Listings


1 Same Truck

2 You Time

3 It Matters To Her

4 Damn Strait

5 It'll Grow On Ya

6 The Waiter

7 Why You Gotta Be Like That

8 Home

9 Carolina To Me

10 Small Town Girl

11 That Kind of Fire

5. “The Kind Of Love We Make” – Luke Combs

From the Album - Growin' Up

Growin' Up

Luke Combs

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Luke Combs is continuing to reign as one of country music's biggest stars this decade, and his third album Growin' Up hasn't deviated from the classics that made him a star.

His signature gravelly growl serves as an anchor for traditionalist values reminiscent of 90s country which have been showcased on his previously two albums.

However, what sets Growin' Up apart from past releases has nothing to do with Eric Church’s cameo - it’s all about Luke operating at larger scale; he even recruited Miranda Lambert who adds her own flavor into the mix!

So, get ready for some nostalgia-packed tunes straight outta Nashville – trust us when we say you don't wanna miss this one.

Track Listings


1. Doin' This

2. Any Given Friday Night

3. The Kind of Love We Make

4. On the Other Line

5 Outrunnin’ Your Memory (with Miranda Lambert)

6. Used To Wish I Was

7. Better Back When

8. Tomorrow Me

9. Ain’t Far From It

10. Call Me

11. Middle of Somewhere

12. Going, Going, Gone

6. “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” – Cole Swindell

From the Album  - Sterotype


Cole Swindell

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Cole Swindell made sure to hit all the marks with his album, mixing together a little bit of everything from country and rock 'n' roll to pop.

This exploration into love in its many forms certainly doesn't disappoint - especially if you're looking for that classic twangy feel.

Get ready because "Stereotype" is jam-packed full of tradition inspired lyrics and an infectious beat!

Track Listings


1 Stereotype

2 Every Beer

3 Never Say Never - By Cole Swindell & Lainey Wilson

4 She Had Me At Heads Carolina

5 Sayin' You Love Me

6 I'm Gonna Let Her

7 Down To The Bar (feat. HARDY)

8 How Is She

9 Miss Wherever

10 Single Saturday Night

11 Some Habits

12 Girl Goes Crazy

13 Walk On Whiskey

7. “23” – Sam Hunt

Upcoming Album

8. “Wasted On You” – Morgan Wallen

From the Album - Dangerous: The Double Album

Wasted on You

Morgan Wallen

With Dangerous: The Double Album, Morgan Wallen has masterfully crafted a record that pays homage to the traditional sounds of country while still embracing modern trends.

He seamlessly balances classic tunes like his cover of Jason Isbell's "Cover Me Up" with collaborations from Nashville heavy-hitters Shane McAnally and Rodney Clawson as well as Thomas Rhett for an overall sonic experience bound to make listeners two-step until dawn.

While borrowing elements from Eric Church in both the lyrical stylings on tracks such as co-written “Quittin’ Time” and even album art reminiscent of Mr. Misunderstood, one thing is certain - this double LP truly captures all facets of what it means be country music in 2022!

Track Listings


Disc: 1

1 Sand in My Boots

2 Wasted on You

3 Somebody 's Problem

4 More Surprised Than Me

5 865

6 Warning

7 Neon Eyes

8 Outlaw

9 Whiskey'd My Way

10 Wonderin' Bout the Wind

11 Your Bartender

12 Only Thing That's Gone

13 Cover Me Up

14 7 Summers

15 More Than My Hometown

Disc: 2

1 Still Goin Down

2 Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt

3 Dangerous

4 Beer Don't

5 Blame It on Me

6 Somethin' Country

7 This Bar

8 Country A$$ Shit

9 Whatcha Think of Country Now

10 Me on Whiskey

11 Need a Boat

12 Silverado for Sale

13 Heartless [Wallen Album Mix]

14 Livin' the Dream

15 Quittin' Time

9. “Trouble With A Heartbreak” – Jason Aldean

From the Album - Macon, Georgia album.

Trouble With A Heartache

Jason Aldean

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After a 16-year journey, Jason Aldean is taking us back to his roots with the release of MACON, GEORGIA! The album already boasts two tracks -- "If I Didn't Love You" ft. Carrie Underwood and nine new singles plus five live hits off each one of Aldean's previous albums. Return to humble beginnings? We're all in for some heartfelt songwriting from this country legend!

Track Listings


1 After You

2 Over You Again

3 That's What Tequila Does

4 Small Town Small

5 If I Didn't Love You - By Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood

6 Story For Another Glass

7 Heaven

8 This Bar Don't Work Anymore

9 The Sad Songs

10 Watching You Love Me

11 Amarillo Sky (Live from Nashville, TN)

12 Johnny Cash (Live from Los Angeles, CA)

13 She's Country (Live from Las Vegas, NV)

14 Big Green Tractor (Live from Dallas, TX)

15 My Kinda Party (Live from St. Louis, MO)

10. “Wishful Drinking” – Ingrid Andress with Sam Hunt

From the Album - Good Person

Good Person

Ingrid Andress

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Ingrid Andress presents a new album Good Person that is full of emotional nuance and heart-wrenching lyricism. In the single “Yearbook,” we get an honest glimpse into her parents relationship after years apart; they are still together yet far from in love like before.

This breakup theme resonates along all music within the first half with tracks such as "No Choice"and "Seeing Someone Else", which highlights how age can bring different life perspectives leading to separation despite once being so close.

Track Listings


1 Good Person

2 Yearbook

3 Seeing Someone Else

4 Talk

5 How Honest Do You Want Me To Be?

6 No Choice

7 Pain

8 Feel Like This

9 Blue

10 Falling For You

11 All The Love

12 Things That Haven't Happened Yet


As we say goodbye to 2022, we can’t help but start looking ahead to the next year and all the great music it will bring.

We’ve gathered a list of the top 10 country hits of 2022 according to Billboard – take a listen and see what you think!

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