Your outdoor cat needs a place to rest and relax, and we've got the perfect bed for them!

Our beds are made with high-quality materials that will keep your cat warm and comfortable all winter long.

With so many different styles and colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect bed for your feline friend.

How We Choose the Best Warm and Comfy Bed for Your Outdoor Cat

Outdoor cats need a warm and comfy bed to stay healthy and happy.

All cats, indoor or outdoor, deserve a warm and comfortable place to rest. But finding the best bed for your outdoor cat can be hard.

We've done the research for you and found the best warm and comfy beds for your outdoor cat. From heated beds to soft-sided beds, we have something for every feline friend.

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Love's cabin Round Donut Cat and Dog Cushion Bed

Easy Wash and Care

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Why We Love It

Treat your furry friends to the absolute best with Love’s Cabin Round Donut Cat and Dog Cushion Bed! They’ll be cozying up in luxurious style and comfort when they get to lay down on this ultra-soft bed. Crafted from quality cut pile fabric, it provides superior support and warmth, so your fur buddy can rest easy with a smile. The suede filling works to provide gentle cushioning that’s perfect for snuggling into for cats or dogs alike. Plus, the donut shape is sure to draw them right in - who doesn’t love a good donut? Available in 4 sizes and 3 colors, provide your beloved pet with the comfort they deserve in a cozy design they'll love it just as much as you do!

What You Should Know

Love your pet with Love's Cabin Round Donut Cat and Dog Cushion Bed! This comfortable and cozy donut-shaped cushion bed is perfect for cats, small dogs, or other pets up to 15 lbs. You and your pet will love the soft feel of the surface on this pet bed — it's just like curling up on a cloud! Plus, the raised rim provides extra support for your pet’s head, neck and back. It also creates a sense of security by creating a kind of "walled in" area that gives them more confidence. With its 20 inch round size, it fits perfectly in any corner of the house. Keep your furry friend happy and comfortable with Love's Cabin Round Donut Cat and Dog Cushion Bed!

Pet Magasin Cat Thermal Bed Self-Heating Pads for Small Pets

  • TWO MATS: 1 Medium (22" x 18.5") and 1 Small (17" x 11")
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Why We Love It

Keep your furry friend warm, cozy and comfortable no matter what the season with Pet Magasin's Cat Thermal Bed Self-Heating Pads for Small Pets! Our pads provide gentle and uniform warmth to keep your cats and other small pets content all year round. With this wonderful product, your pet won't have to worry about feeling cold in the winter or too hot during summer--it's like they'll get to experience the perfect temperature all year long!

Created with comfort in mind, these self-heating pads are designed to fit snugly into their beds, allowing them to enjoy unrestricted movement while staying snug as a bug. The lightweight but durable construction ensures that you don't have to worry about our pads breaking after multiple uses! Plus, the thin profile ensures your pet won't be weighed down by bulky heating mats.

What You Should Know

Welcome your furry friends to a great night sleep with the Pet Magasin Cat Thermal Bed Self-Heating Pads for Small Pets! This cozy bed features a layer of Mylar film, the same super-insulating material used in space suits. That means your pet will be kept perfectly warm even during colder nights. Plus, the self-heating material inside helps maintain the ideal temperature without having to fuss around with extra heating or cooling devices. For optimum safety, we recommend hand washing only to keep this special material functioning properly. Let your little one relax and enjoy quality sleep every night when you get them their own Pet Magasin Cat Thermal Bed Self-Heating Pads for Small Pets!

Furhaven ThermaNAP Quilted Faux Fur Self-Warming Pet Bed Pad

Safe Electricity-Free Solution

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Why We Love It

Cats, we've got the perfect pet bed for your cuddly needs! Furhaven's ThermaNAP Quilted Faux Fur Self-Warming Pet Bed Pad is purrrrrfect for cats of all sizes. You'll love the soft and cozy quilted faux fur sleep surface, as it will keep you comfortable when you're planning on catching a few winks! Not only does this sleeping pad add extra sleeping space for two, but its self-warming construction helps to regulate your body heat for a blissful night of rest. Best of all, the gentle material won't be too tough on noses and paws - ideal for long naps with even more snuggles. Go ahead, pick up this stylish pet bed pad today - your furry friends will thank you!

What You Should Know

Say hello to sweet dreams for your beloved pet with our Furhaven ThermaNAP Quilted Faux Fur Self-Warming Pet Bed Pad! This lightweight and portable bed mat is perfect for creating comforting, cozy sleeping arrangements for your pet on the go. Whether you’re spending the night camping in nature’s backyard or just visiting the vet, our self-warming pad will help keep your pet warm and comforted while they take their naps wherever they may be.

Fashioned with a fun faux fur quilt pattern, it doesn’t just look great; it ensures maximum warmth retention inside its fully paneled walls. Made with a durable oxford backing, this thermal bed mat resists wear and tear spots and stretching - no matter how much your pup loves to move around when they sleep! With safety being top of mind, this pup pad has rounded corners to prevent transfers that could negatively impact other furniture or flooring surfaces.

PETNF Outdoor Heated Pet Bed with Waterproof Cover

Self-Inflating Heating Pad

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Why We Love It

Is your pet in need of a cozy outdoor retreat? Look no further than the PETNF heated outdoor pet bed! This bed is perfect for keeping your furry friend warm and comfortable on chilly days and nights outside. With its 35W energy-saving design and extra long 5.91 foot cord with steel-encased chew guard, you can keep your pet safe with this heated pad, even when they're outdoors. The fireproof material ensures added safety for you and your pets. The waterproof cover fits snugly over the pad to provide additional protection against the elements – ideal for worry-free relaxation in any weather. Don't let colder temperatures stop you from enjoying quality time with your beloved pet – get the PETNF heated outdoor pet bed today, so your furry friend can enjoy snuggling up comfortably outdoors all year round!

What You Should Know

Life can get chilly and uncomfortable for our furry friends, so make sure they don’t miss out on the coziness of home no matter where you go with the PETNF Outdoor Heated Pet Bed with Waterproof Cover! This pet bed is designed to be as comfortable and durable as possible, featuring a heated surface that will keep your pet aware and snug even in cold weather. Plus, its anti-skid bottom prevents sliding and bumps on uneven surfaces so everyone remains safe! To ensure extra warmth retention, we offer a free high quality cover made of soft flannel on one side, making it perfect for outdoor use. And if things get a little too wet for comfort, the velvet waterproof bottom will protect against dampness. With its multi-layered cushioning offering optimum body support and adjustable temperature settings from 30°C to 50°C, your pet is guaranteed utmost comfort no matter where you go together! So let them curl up tight without having to worry about the cold with PETNF!

BinetGo Binet Cat Calming Bed, 20 Inches

Non-skid Bottom Keeps the Cat Bed in Place

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Why We Love This

Welcome to the BinetGo Binet Cat Calming Bed, your pet's new best friend! Our lightweight and portable calming bed is just the ticket for all your cuddly companion's needs. Whether you're traveling or camping, this pet bed is perfect for keeping your pet comfortable and stress-free no matter where you go. The cozy feel of our pet fusion dog bed is enough to lull any furry friend into sweet slumber. Its ease of transportability makes it an ideal companion for all fur parents who want their cats to be comfy wherever they go! Bring peace of mind and comfort to your cats with the BinetGo Binet Cat Calming Bed; it’ll be a home away from home for them!

What You Should Know

Let your feline friend relax and sleep in the coziest and most snug environment possible with the BinetGo Binet Cat Calming Bed! This 20 inch pet bed is designed to offer your cat everything they need for a peaceful night's sleep or an afternoon nap. The luxurious high-quality fabric gives your cat a premium spot that feels soft, warm and comforting - perfect for snuggling up while they take a much-needed break. The bed is easy to clean, too – simply machine wash it separately on a gentle cycle with cold water. Just make sure to tumble dry low and not bleach it! All you now have left to do is give your kitty love and watch them enjoy every second of their precious rest time in the ultimate comfort!

FAQs for Spoiling Your Outdoor Cat with One of These Warm and Comfy Beds

What kind of bedding is best for outdoor cats?

Straw, the dry leftover stalks from harvested crops, repels moisture, making it the best bedding for outdoor cat shelters. Loosely pack the straw in the shelter to the quarter or halfway point. That's it!

What can I use instead of straw of an outdoor cat house?

Insulation - Batting or Packaging Peanuts work great and are easy to find around the house. You can use Hay or Shredded Newspaper too. However some cats are allergic to Hay. It is important that whatever insulation you choose, it not be rigid or unable for the feline to burrow in it.

What do outdoor cats like to lay on?

Cats love open boxes filled with straw and covered with an old towel or blanket as an inexpensive bed. you can add several layers of newspaper in the bottom for added insulation.

What can I put outside to keep stray cats warm?

Line a large plastic container with styrofoam. Keep the cover on, but cut out a doorway. There you have an instant shelter to offer cats protection from the cold weather. Even better, add a layer of straw between the container and styrofoam for extra insulation, and add another layer on the floor.

What do outdoor cats need in the winter?

If you can do so without compromising the privacy and security of the shelter, place food and water near the shelter so the cats won't have to travel far. One way to protect food and water is to place two shelters—doorways facing each other—two feet apart.

Do outdoor cats need blankets?

Don't use a blanket, folded newspaper, or towels as warmth for your shelter. While they might seem warm, your cat will just lay on top of them, and they'll just absorb body heat rather than reflect it so your cat won't actually be cozy.

How do you make a stray cat warm shelter?

Strong insulation – needed to trap body heat, which turns the cats into little radiators. Use straw, not hay or blankets. Minimal air space – a smaller interior area means that less heat is needed to keep the occupants warm. Have the entrance face a wall so only cats can get in and out.

Are cats OK to be left outside all night?

Please note: A cat should never be locked out all night. Also, ensure that cats have access to shelter in the day time, either providing a kennel or access to a shed. Even simpler would be to put in a microchip cat flap which only lets cats in that have their chips programmed into the cat flap register.

How do I stop my cat from freezing outside?

Dry, enclosed shelters give cats a place to escape the rain, snow, and cold winds. The easiest solution is to buy a heated, water-resistant shelter made especially for cats. Look for shelters with heated beds designed to warm up to the cat's normal body temperature.

Why is straw better than blankets for feral cats?

Straw is best. The cat can burrow into and underneath it. Straw repels moisture, but holds moisture. The worst choices are blankets, towels and folded newspapers.

Which Best Bedding for Outdoor Cats is Right for You?

As an ethical pet parent, you want to make sure your feline friend is as comfortable as possible. But with so many bedding options on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you and your kitty. We hope this guide has helped you understand the different types of best bedding for outdoor cats and what each offers in terms of comfort and support. Get your cat the perfect bed today!