Want to feel like a gypsy when that nifty kitchen gadget comes to the mail? With these items you'll surely impress your neighbors, house guests, and family members. Up your game in the kitchen and add some more convenience to your life.

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below!  Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own.  Oh, and FYI — LucksList may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.  Enjoy finding your next favorite thing!

1. Looking for a creative and fun way to cut watermelons? Look no further than the Watermelon Slicer Windmill Cutter! With this unique gadget, you can quickly and easily turn watermelons into refreshing salads or delicious bites.

"Super cool product easy to use get loads more than just cutting yourself love it for a few quid."
5 Star Review By An Amazon Customer

2. Looking for a nifty kitchen gadget that will make your pineapple prep a breeze? Check out our Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer! This 3-in-1 tool quickly and easily cores, slices, and peels fresh pineapples in seconds.

"I don't normally rave about gadgets especially kitchen ones, but you all need one of these. Fresh pineapple is delicious but trying to chop one up is a nightmare. Look no further as the simple to use gadget does it all for you, and leaves you a perfect receptacle for a spot of rum... Your pineapple comes out in a long string, ready to cut into rings. No fuss, no mess, and perfectly cut fruit. It's even a cinch to clean up afterwards. Highly recommended, don't delay, buy it today."
5 Star Review By Alan Woods

3. Looking for a powerful and innovative toilet brush that will make cleaning your bathroom easier than ever? Look no further than the Silicone Toilet Brush with Holder Set! This unique brush features soap dispensing with spray design, making it easy to refill and clean without damaging the porcelain glaze.

"It works perfectly, it's beautiful and it helps to keep toilet tidy as well. I love that it can be hanged to the wall making easier to clean the floor. If you filled it with the toilet cleaner it's super easy to clean up the mess guest/kids could do, I mean there will be no excuse to use it 😉. I just love it!"
5 Star Review By Will&Álvaro

4. The Turbo Plus Clip Seal and Pour Bag Clip is the perfect way to keep your food fresh and easy to access. The plus clips from Turboprodukte turn each bag into a practical bag with pourer, so you can easily pour out your cereal, coffee, or dog snacks without having to open the bag.

"What a great little idea I wouldn’t be without then now."
5 Star Review By Lilyelsie

5. Looking for a nifty little tool to make prepping avocados a breeze? Look no further than the OXO Good Grips 3-In-1 Avocado Slicer! This all-in-one tool quickly and easily cuts, pits, and slices avocados, so you can enjoy your favorite guacamole or avocado toast without any hassle.

"Absolutely love this gadget - without doubt the best gadget I’ve ever bought. Very part of it does exactly as described . The “knife” section easily cuts the avocado skin, the stone remover is just amazing ! Every single time it takes out the Stoke effortlessly (unlike all the slip sliding and gouging that normally happens) and the slicer removes the flesh in gorgeous, straight to the plate, slices . It was always such a faff with avocados that I didn’t bother with them much - now I'm using them all the time (instead of buying the prepacked pre-smashed avocado from the supermarket ) - no waste , cheaper and no plastic packaging. If you like / eat avocados then you NEED this tool"
5 Star Review By CiderWithRosie

6. Looking for a stylish and functional drain basket for your kitchen sink? Check out our 4 Pack Swan Drain Basket! Made of food-grade pp material, it's thick and strong enough for long-term use. Plus, the unique triangular swan shape design makes full use of the space in the corner of water tanks and doesn't occupy extra space in your sink.

"Heavy duty plastic with a deep space for holding scraps, berries, whatever. I have attached mine to my kitchen faucet so that I can dump leftover food into it instead of it going down my drain. Works great!"
5 Star Review By An Amazon Customer

7. Keep your clothes and furniture free of lint, hair, and dust with this handy Reusable Washable Lint Roller! The roller is made of sticky silicone that will quickly and easily remove any unwanted debris.

"This is literally the best lint roller! It does what it supposed to do . You can use it on clothes but it works fantastic on carpet too ! So easy to clean and to reuse again! Definitely recommend it!"
5 Star Review By Marlena16

8. Organize your knives and cutlery with chicness and flair with this awesome Joseph Joseph Dream Drawer Organiser! It can hold up to 48 pieces of silverware and knives.

"I didn't think this was going to save much space or maybe wouldn't fit either the drawer or the cutlery. I was wrong on both counts. This is an amazing product that every kitchen will benefit from, bit especially smaller kitchens will love this storage device for cutlery. See photos of before and after and judge for yourself!"
5 Star Review By Vm1967

9. Looking for a stylish and practical way to store your gift wrapping supplies? Look no further than the Wrap Fabric Storage Bag! This handy storage bag is made from durable fabric in a festive green and red colour scheme, and features carrying handles and a zip closure to keep everything safely stored away.

"I bought this back in 2017. And i still use it now. (2021) It keeps everything i need to wrap presents with in one place. No it doesn't have a hard back to protected £1.99 paper roll from being bent, but it does keep like 20 half rolls of paper, cellotape, scissors and bows all in one place for when i need it, so I'm not searching through endless cupboards and crap draws for what i need. As long as you pop it in the cupboard nicely and not throw too much other crap on top of it, it will keep your wrapping paper just fine. I swear i would have been in a pickle more times about gift wrapping if i didn't have this bag keeping me a bit organized at least."
5 Star Review By Steph

10. Looking for a cables that's both functional and fun? Look no further than the Magnetic 3A SuperCoil Mag Cable! This unique cable features strong magnets that snap together to create a satisfying click each time.

"For too long I have had to deal with the very 21st century problem of untidy USB cabling. I will reach into my bag or a draw for a changing cable and, when pulling out the cable, ensnare all manner of other items that get caught up in the cable. I will also find that when using a cable, it will naturally constrict around a bottle or water or a stapler and when I pick up my phone that's charging, send these items flying in all direction. Well no more is this a problem. This design is so simplistic I feel ashamed I didn't come up with it first."
5 Star Review By Thomas Robinson

11. Looking for a cute and functional way to organize your keys? Look no further than the White Cloud Magnetic Key Holder! Made of durable ABS plastic, this key holder is built to last. It features a strong magnet on the bottom, so you can easily attach it to any smooth surface.

"So simple remove protective tape on back and place on surface (any) instantly permanently stuck I just pop my house keys the whole bunch 5 keys including my radar key pen knife and door fob so pretty big and heavy but it holds them excellent."
5 Star Review By Neil Andrews

12. Looking for a chopper that can handle all your veggie-chopping needs? Look no further than the Newthinking Vegetable Chopper. This little powerhouse comes with seven different blades, an egg separator, blade container, drain strainer, cleaning tool, hand protector, and peeler.

"Only had it a couple of days, and used it straight away. So many cutting/slicing/dicing options. Does exactly what it says. Just watch them blades, they're sharp!"
5 Star Review By Louise210670

13. Looking for an easy way to keep your sheets in place? Look no further than our Bed Sheet Holder Fasteners Clips! These handy little clips are perfect for securing sheets, mattress covers, sofa covers, ironing board covers, and anything else that tends to slide around.

"Great job."
5 Star Review By Amazon Customer

14. Introducing the Kuou Door Finger Guards! These flexible, durable guards are made of EVA and fit most door thicknesses, making them perfect for preventing impact injuries in your home.

"I'm using these to prevent a door closing that my cat needs to be able to get through to access the cat flap. I can slide them along the top of the door to adjust how much the door stays open, no more slamming doors, no more cat getting stuck on either side, and they stay in place perfectly. I've not tried them on the vertical edge of the door but I think they'd work just as well there. They grip pretty well."
5 Star Review By Ellie

15. Looking for a nifty little gadget to make your life easier in the kitchen? Say hello to the Brifit Mini Bag Sealer! This ultra-convenient device is perfect for sealing up food bags, and can also be used to cut them open. Made of high-quality ABS material, it's durable and easy to use.

"Did take me a while to master it but I am not very good with instructions but if you are thinking of getting one I do recommend this I was sick of open packets and food going soft so this has been a big help."
5 Star Review By Mandy Turfrey

16. Looking for a mat that can do it all? Look no further than the Flintronic Silicone Table Mat! Made from 100% food grade silicone, this mat is FDA approved and can be used as a hot pad, trivet, coaster, and more.

"I love this product because its versatile, easy to use and compact enough to pack away in your kitchen draw. I was not sure if these could handle the heat but they do! Great for my fan oven and electric hob. I rest pots, baking trays and utensils on here and find that I have less issues when cooking; Turning chips halfway, resting rice to steam cook off the heat, using as a restibg point while adjusting hob to lowe heat level. I highly recommend this product. I place mine together to make a larger square and leave them out of the worktop as I'm always cooking. Easy to wash if you soak them in warm soapy water then sponge down. You will need to towel dry after. They dont feel too hot after using them which is good."
5 Star Review By Mr. Blackman

17. Introducing the KitSound Hive2o, the ultimate waterproof wireless speaker. This speaker is perfect for any music lover, whether you're enjoying a sunny day by the pool or taking a hike through the rainforest.

"Only just received this and totally blown away!!!!!! This is an initial opinion and I will update accordingly after a few days. Bought this item mainly for streaming music via my echo dot and it paired within seconds. The build quality is top jolly, it looks and feels sturdy. The buttons are responsive and have a satisfying click when pressed. Now, the sound. Simply stunning!!!!!!!! I have owned several speakers and this runs rings around everything I've ever heard before. It has a satisfying bass without being too heavy, mid range isn't overpowering and treble is crisp and clear. Maybe reggae fans would like a little more bass but I find the balance perfect for a mix of music. (Bass etc could easily be enhanced using an equaliser but I find it just fine). The volume goes pretty loud!"
5 Star Review By Mark Nicholls

18. Start your next wine-tasting experience off on the right foot with these Elixir Wine Glasses. The set of two glasses is perfect for sharing a bottle of your favorite red or white wine with a friend.

"Large wine glass, can fit over half a bottle in. They feel quite thin, but with a strong stem. Not managed to break them yet, so that's a positive. I like the flat bottom of the glass, it's a bit different to the norm. Other than that, it's a glass, it holds wine for the 10 minutes it takes me to drink a glass, does a fine job of holding alcoholic water."
5 Star Review By Kevin Harker

19. With a superior 5-layer stainless steel blade, this Nuoshen kitchen scissor is built for durability and performance. The serrated edges make it easy to cut through herbs, onions, chili, seaweed, and other seasoning with ease – and it can even handle paper with ease.

"Bought as present as I have been using mine for years. Really great for chopping eggs for egg mayo and fantastic with herbs. Easy to clean and very sturdy."
5 Star Review By Diane

20. The Cole & Mason Fresh Cut Herb Keeper is the perfect way to keep your cut herbs fresh for up to 10 days. The clear upper and lid allow you to see the fresh herbs, and the flip and slide lid provides easy access to the herbs with less damage.

"This is an excellent tool for all manner of things. Chopping herbs, making pesto..it's great and very very easy to use. The handles are not fixed; in other words they move so that the rocking movement is easy and efficient as you chop, and then they fold over the blade to as protection. This is important because the blade is very sharp, so some care is needed."
5 Star Review By Derek

21. We know that space is important, especially when it comes to our homes. That's why we've designed the VIVLLEN 4Pcs 360° Rotating Folding Hooks – to help you make the most of your space and keep your home looking neat and tidy. These hooks are universal rotate 360°, so you'll never have to worry about them sticking in the wrong direction.

"I thought these would be one of those gimmicks that lasted five minutes but I was wrong. They stick well, appear quite strong and even though full of utensils still staying in place."
5 Star Review By Janice

22. Looking for an easy and effective way to keep your toilet clean? Duck Toilet Fresh Strips are the perfect solution! These strips prevent limescale buildup, which can harbour germs, and leave your toilet bowl shining.

"Very pleased with this. Easy to stick on, puts out a good strong lime scent, and does a good job of keeping the bowl clean. Looks a little odd to have a green rectangle of jelly stuck to the side of your toilet, but you quickly get used to it."
5 Star Review By Solo

23. If you're in the market for a new sewing pincushion, the Magnetic Wrist Sewing Portable Arm Pin is a great option to consider. This pincushion features a strong magnet that holds all your little iron pins and needles securely and conveniently in place.

"I have very small wrists and this is great as it is a 'one size fits all' really. And it looks smart and does the job its made for!"
5 Star Review By Angus

24. Looking for a way to keep your paper towels accessible and organized? Look no further than the EHOMEA2Z Magnetic Paper Towel Holder. This holder attaches securely to any ferrous surface with three strong magnets, making it perfect for use in a workshop, storage closet, bathroom or kitchen.

"Absolutely brilliant fantastic price compared to others you can put any size kitchen roll in strong magnets. Exactly as described."
5 Star Review By Serrus

25. Looking for an easy and effective way to remove lint and fuzz from your clothes, carpet, or furniture? Look no further than the Lint Remover Carpet! This nifty little tool is double-sided and reusable, meaning you'll never have to go through batteries or deal with a messy residue.

"I needed to get dog hair (two Leonburgers!!) out of the carpets in the back of my car. It wasn't going well until I saw this. I kid you not it took me about 10 minutes. Don't normally leave reviews but fair is fair, this performed brilliantly."
5 Star Review By Mr Alistair L Birse

26. The LPOQW Security Protection Roller Stamp is the perfect way to protect your personal information. With just a quick pull and roll, you can easily cover up addresses or any other private info in one single pass.

"Excellent address blocker. Does what it says."
5 Star Review By Peter

27. If you're always on the go and don't have a lot of time to cook, the Good 2 Heat Plus Microwave Potato Baker is perfect for you. This handy kitchen gadget is stain resistant and dishwasher safe, so you can just pop it in the dishwasher when you're done using it.

"I was a little dubious as to how good it would be due to how cheap this product was, but this Potato Baker has turned out to be a little star. It's well designed and robust, allowing for up to 4 Baked Potatoes to be cooked at once. The airholes in the supports allow hot air to circulate under the potatoes, meaning that they are cooked evenly without the need to turn them part way through. The handle in the middle allows you to get the hot potatoes out of the microwave safely, without burning your fingers. The plastic is BPA free, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean."
5 Star Review By Lota

28. If you're looking for a stylish and fun way to keep your kitchen clean and organized, then you need our Stylish Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet Sign! This great sign is perfect for all kinds of households and businesses who want to keep their dishwashing area tidy.

"Basically we had a dishwasher delivered & it had a dent... Didn't want it to go back as I'd been without one for several months. So lucky I found this....its brilliant covers the dent & it's so useful, wished we'd deserved it before. Good quality too & it stays."
5 Star Review By DawnBirch

29. If you're looking for a way to keep your bathroom counter clean and your toothpaste neat and contained, look no further than the Chrome Cherry SqueezMe! This self-sealing toothpaste cap is hygienic and easy to use, and it's guaranteed to keep any tube of toothpaste closed and tidy.

"No mess, no waste, easy to apply for toddler, just genius. It even helps to squeeze the last bits from a tube. Totally worth few pounds."
5 Star Review By Urszula

30. Looking for a quick and easy way to clean your keyboard, phone, or other electronic devices? Look no further than the ULTRICS Keyboard Dust Cleaner! Made of high-tech rubber and biodegradable material, this versatile cleaner can safely remove dust, hair, and crumbs from any nook or cranny.

"I'm very happy with my sticky lump of goo. I thought that at the price this would be worth a punt as my keyboard has quite tall keys and is incredibly difficult to clean. Recently I have been trying compressed air, cotton buds and the hoover to try and remove dust from the hard to reach spaces between the keys, this product took 5 minutes to get the job done. When you first open the package it's a bit difficult to get it all out and first impressions are that it's a little watery and you'll be likely to lose bits of it between the keyboard's keys. However I found that by rolling it up into a ball in my hand it became firmer and the drippy effect went away."
5 Star Review By A. Reviewer

31. Looking for a convenient way to fill up your freezer bags? Look no further than the Adjustable Freezer Bag Holder! This handy device holds the bag open for you while you fill it up with leftovers, cuttings, or whatever you need to store.

"Where has this been all my life????? This is easily my favourite kitchen gadget. I make my own dog food which I make weekly and freeze and do batch cooking and this is a miracle. I had tried most things to hold the bags whilst filling them but nothing really worked. This does exactly what it's supposed to and then folds flat for easy storage. It is brilliant and makes my life so much easier. I highly recommend it."
5 Star Review By Mog

32. Looking for an easy and efficient way to clean your windows? Look no further than the Addis Window Glass Squeegee! Simply spray the cleaning fluid onto the window and squeegee it down for a streak-free clean.

"I saw this product on tiktok and had to try it. We have a lot of windows and a big glass shower door on our walk in shower. Makes window cleaning 10x faster. For £5.00 I was happy."
5 Star Review By Sian

33. Introducing the Simpeak Portable Neck Fan, the perfect accessory for those hot summer days! This stylish neck fan comes in a variety of colors to suit your style, and features two wind heads and flexible arms for a more powerful airflow.

"Well for ladies of a certain age, as well as just wanting a cool down,this is fab! Charge it up and it will last about an hr, but so good on energy bills compared to a house fan! This also helps direct to just one person,it’s also very flexible that you don’t have to wear it round your neck, you can just place it close. It has three speeds and has a very easy position power button press it and the speed changes. Hold it and it stops, it charges up quickly with a android charger."
5 Star Review By Lee

34. Time to step up your breakfast game with the KitchenCraft Bagel Slicer. This handy tool slices through bagels, brioche, and English muffins with ease, so you can enjoy a perfectly toasted breakfast in no time.

"I bought this for my dad as he has trouble using his left hand/wrist. He loves bagels (specifically toasted with sliced banana) but has been unable to cut them, until now! This little gadget is fabulous, just pop the bagel in and press the handle down. The blade itself must be ridiculously sharp as it hardly takes any pressure to slice through, thankfully it’s kept safe behind a plastic panel on each side so there’s no possibility of accidental injuries. My dad absolutely loves this and was so pleased to find it existed, anything that allows him to do things for himself are definitely worth it. I would also like to add that the item arrived well packaged the day after ordering. Really pleased."
5 Star Review By Louise Rooney

35. Looking for an easy and convenient way to dispense your favorite cereals? Look no further than the SQ Professional Double Cereal Dispenser. With just a twist of the knob, this dispenser will give you approximately 1 ounce of dry food. It's perfect for portion control and preserving freshness and flavor.

"Bigger than I expected, but works fine - the cereal is dispensed by turning the wheel which moves a 4 bladed paddle that catches the cereal from above and drops down to below. Kids love it (and call it The Hoop Factory) for breakfast time, they can get it themselves whilst I run around doing all the other 10 million things. The top of the storage jar is air-tight, but I can see that if left for a few days you might start to get stale cereal as the bottom paddles are fairly close to sealing it but not quite. However, if you just lift each container up and slip a small plastic bag over the bottom end and then sit back down into the holder, the bag will seal the bottom part and you can store, see my photos attached. Bring back those 'all-inclusive holiday' memories with this cereal dispenser! ....I was thinking of getting a single one for the dry cat food in the garage too..."
5 Star Review By Mr. J

36. Looking for a space-saving dish drying rack that won't rust or bend? Look no further than the Joejis Dish Drying Rack. Made of durable stainless steel with a heat-resistant silicone layer, this multipurpose rack can support up to 13.5kgs. It's also hygienic and quick & easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

"What an amazing product. We have recently had new quartz worktops fitted and didn't want to spoil them. This product sits in our pan drawer and we use it to put hot pans on. It is a good size and hubby is well impressed. We haven't used it for anything else as yet."
5 Star Review By Gill Rice