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1. Introducing the all-new Apple AirPods Max Space Grey. These revolutionary new headphones are designed to provide the best listening experience imaginable. With high-fidelity audio and Active Noise Cancellation, you can immerse yourself in music like never before. And with Transparency mode, you can hear and interact with the world around you.

"I took a chance and purchased the Air Pods Max because I’m a big fan of noise cancelling headphones and already own the Sony XM4 and the Bose QC35. Note: I used to own the Bose 700 but returned them because the head band was so tight it gave me headaches and I couldn’t wear it for more than 20-30 minutes. Here is my experience with each."
Amazon Review By Truthful Reviewer

2. Looking for a reliable and high-capacity solar charger to keep your devices powered up when you're on the go? Look no further than the ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank. With four powerful solar panels, this charger can provide up to 5W of power in sunlight, making it perfect for charging your devices while you're out and about.

"I love the product it was better then what I thought. I’m going to buy one more. It’s great like it is but it would be better if it had a little pocket in the sleeve. I had to make one with duct tape to house SOS and other notes that may be needed in a emergency situation. Great tool and I would recommend it 100% is a solid build. In the sales notes they did not show the plunges so I added a picture here and I noted that in a good day the unit can charge the batteries and my iPhone simultaneously."
Amazon Review By Richard H.

3. The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is the perfect way to keep an eye on your furry friend at home. With full HD camera quality and a rotating 360° view, you can check in on your pet no matter where you are. The real-time 2-way audio and color night vision make it easy to communicate with your pet, even in the dark.

"Exactly as advertised. I love the look of it and it's super light. It does the job of giving treats to my puppy and I get to see what he's doing when I'm not at home. The only thing is remembering to turn it off when I'm home."
Amazon Review By EEK

4. Looking for a new and improved way to protect your Apple TV remote? Look no further than the elago R4 case! This premium silicone case is not only stylish, but it also offers great protection from everyday wear and tear. The R4 is designed to give you full access to all the functions of your remote, while still providing reliable protection.

"This remote cover is just the best. It is easy to hold the remote and to find it!! And it also still works perfectly."
Amazon Review By Kamille

5. Whether you're an adventurer who wants to be prepared for anything or you're just looking for a reliable way to power your devices at home, the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer is perfect for you. With a massive 518 watt-hour capacity, this little powerhouse can keep your fridge running, charge your phone and laptop, and even power your TV - all at the same time.

"A group of us guys wanted to get the perfect gift for our camping and outdoor enthusiast friend and we landed on this for a multitude of reasons. First off, the build and quality feels very commercial grade and able to withstand some good usage. The design is rugged yet aesthetically looks modern and contemporary but clearly it means business given how many multiple output and charging options it has."
Amazon Review By SWINCAN

6. The Wireless Mouse Noiseless Iron Man Mouse is the perfect way to get around your computer interface with ease and style. With a design that is comfortable for either hand and a reliable wireless connection, this mouse is perfect for anyone who wants to get their work done with fewer hassles.

"I initially opened this package not expecting much. The mouse has a soft-plastic feel to it which I assumed would be poor quality. I was wrong. The plastic, although soft-feeling, is durable. The clicks are very clean and accurate. The wireless function is flawless and the battery consumption is low (especially if you keep Iron Man's cool looking glowing led eyes turned off). Tracking with the mouse on most surfaces was really good with no skipping that I could produce on a smooth surface."
Amazon Review By Greg

7. Are you looking for a phone stand that is compatible with all smartphones and tablets? Look no further than the BRIGHTSTONE Phone Stand for Desk! This phone holder is perfect for any iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Android device up to 12.9 inches. With its adjustable angle from 5° to 45°, you can view your phone in both vertical and horizontal positions.

"I've been working from home since mid-march and i had to quickly accommodate my bedroom to make it half an office. Working in the mobile/console game development, this little thing saved my life at saving space on the tiny desk that I have and also keeping my device at a better height for my eyes and neck."
Amazon Review By K.Leblanc

8. Never worry about tangled cords or fumble around with charging cables again with the Anker Magnetic Wireless Charger. This sleek and compact charger attaches magnetically to the back of your iPhone 12 and starts charging immediately.

"Works well. note like most 3rd party magsafe chargers it runs at 7.5W not the 15W that the Apple branded version can do. Less than half the price and totally adequate for my need."
Amazon Review By Ian

9. If you're looking for a premium, high-quality charging station that will keep your devices organized and charged, look no further than the SooPii Premium 6-Port USB Charging Station. This sleek and stylish charging station comes with 6 mixed cables (2 for iPhone/iPad, 2 Micro USB, and 2 Type C), so you can charge all your devices at once without any clutter.

"I received this and it did not work within 2 min. Sent a message to the seller who got back to me straight away. Need to make sure the power cord in the plug and in the charger is secure, I jammed it in and worked fantastic after! Excellent little device, charges all electronics in my house at the same time and at a good speed!"
Amazon Review By Dor

10. The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard is a versatile and convenient way to type on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. With a lightweight and minimalist iOS layout, it's perfect for multitasking on the go. The easy-switch feature lets you pair with up to three devices and switch between them with a tap.

"I purchased both the keyboard and mouse. I LOVE them both! I returned a generic and cheaper brand because of the quality and I am very happy that I purchased this instead. I usually do not lave reviews, but I was so excited to try out my new key board and mouse lol."
Amazon Review By Grace_

11. Looking for a way to keep your AirPods Pro secure and prevent them from falling out? Look no further than the elago Ear Hooks! These hook-shaped earhooks are made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for a comfortable, custom fit.

"The ear hooks are comfortable to wear. They definitely stop the AirPods Pro’s earhooks from falling out of your ears."
Amazon Review By F.E.

12. Looking for a way to take your music with you on the go? Check out the Dosmix Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker. This speaker is designed to be packed in your bag or pocket, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The wireless design makes it easy to connect to your devices, and the built-in mic allows for hands-free calling.

"My gosh this thing is cute. For the price of it, it has great sound. Easily enough sound for low music for a few rooms or an outdoor patio. It's small so make sure you read the size but it's so cute it doesn't matter lol"
Amazon Review By Lindsey

13. If you're looking for a powerful and impressive laptop cooling stand, the KLIM Ultimate Laptop Cooling Stand is the perfect choice. This cooling pad features a 200mm fan with a speed of 750 RPM, providing an airflow that will cool your laptop down quickly and effectively.

"I have an XBox Series X, and mostly have no problem with overheating, but when I play CoD Vanguard, the console would shut down once or twice per session, and upon restart it would warn me that the unit overheated. Thing was, I had followed all of the recommendation (e.g. don't place in cabinet, keep space around it, etc.), so it was simply overheating from dubious code in Vanguard (btw, no issues on any other CoD game, just this one). It has even been relatively cool weather, so the room is not hot at all."
Amazon Review By Thrustwyn

14. The all-new Fire TV Stick 4K is the most powerful streaming device from Amazon yet. It delivers a cinematic experience with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+, and also offers home theater audio with Dolby Atmos for an immersive experience.

"I almost find this hard to believe but this is now my 6th FireStick! My first trial experience with Amazon Smart and Streaming products was picking up a regular FireTV Stick along with an HD8 Tablet when on sale during the July 2019 Canada Prime Day and we now have these all over the house in addition to the “regular” 1080p one I first purchased in 2019 which is now at a weekend property."
Amazon Review By LiveWire

15. The new Kindle Oasis with adjustable warm light offers the best Paperwhite display yet with flush front design and 300ppi, making for our highest resolution screen. The warm light feature allows you to adjust the shade from white to amber, making it easy on the eyes no matter what time of day it is.

"I’ve been using Kindles for several years now. As an avid reader I can’t but applaud the many improvements Oasis brings to the family: an elegant plus design, crisper text, and for what I find being for me a deal breaker: the automatic warm light sensor. I find very useful too the page forward and backward buttons."
Amazon Review By F. Bailo

16. Looking for a labeling machine that is lightweight, portable, and easy to use? Look no further than the Portable Labeler Bluetooth Label Maker! This labeling machine features Bluetooth Wireless technology, making it lighter and easier to use than ever before.

"This is the best investment for me, especially when I am doing a lot of organization in the house and require lots of labels. I used to use the huge Brothers label maker and it does not have many options as in the design of the labels. This label maker is small and compact, also allows me to add cute graphics and support languages other than English (e.g., Chinese). The graphics make it easy for kids to identify what is in each labelled toy bins. There are also many different kinds of fonts you can download from the app. It also comes with 3 rolls of 160 labels. I see there are many other cute labels and sizes you can choose from as well."
Amazon Review By Pauline C.