Here we have 16 Amazon items that are SO much better ordering from home.

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below!  Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own.  Oh, and FYI — LucksList may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.  Enjoy finding your next favorite thing!

1. Looking for a way to get baby-soft feet? Look no further than the Foot Peel Mask! This product contains all-natural ingredients and powerful lactic acid that can peel off calluses and dead skin, exfoliating naturally and painlessly. Plus, it will leave your feet smooth and moisturized.

"First off this arrived quicker then expected! This by far is the best foot peel mask I ever used. It worked so much faster and I recommend soaking your feet before and daily after application for at least 10 mins. I barely took care of my feet and love being barefoot in my house. The high heels I wore put callus all over my feet, especially the heels. This is the only foot peel that was able to peel my nasty heels!"
Amazon Review By Maling Sun

2. Looking for a sleek, luxurious bidet attachment that won't break the bank? Look no further than the Luxe Bidet Neo! Made with high-quality parts and a sleek design, this bidet attachment will upgrade your bathroom in no time. It features a high-pressure valve with metal/ceramic cores and steel hoses, as well as a hygienic nozzle guard gate that protects the nozzle after each use.

"Ladies, we need this fabulous little bidet! Easy peasy installation (it took me 19 minutes start to finish). And oh! What a powerful little nozzle! I tested it with plastic wrap over the toilet (attached video in this review), and was pleasantly surprised at how much pressure it put out even on the lowest setting. Dang!"
Amazon Review By Melana

3. Looking for a way to stay healthy and avoid preventable illnesses? The Squatty Potty Original Toilet Stool is the perfect tool to position your body in the ideal way to poop! Endorsed by doctors, this stool is strong and durable, while still being family-friendly.

"This contraption is amazing, and sturdy. I did take all the blue stickers off though, look better that way. Makes that job we all have to do easy and comfortable. I know we don’t like to talk about the “job”, but this is revolutionary. I don’t think I can go back to the throne without this necessity. Recommend."
Amazon Review By Sandra

"LIQUID GOLD! got a bum rash- no problem. Got a sore nose from a cold- no problem. Got a heat rash on your underarms or derriere- say good bye! This cream is by far the greatest investment you will ever own! LOVE IT! Smells great too! So soothing, and cooling."
Amazon Review By Micks

5. If you're looking for a stylish and practical way to store your sanitary napkins, then this Sanitary Napkin Storage Bag from Tuciyke is perfect for you! Made from high-quality cotton cloth, it's strong and durable, and can hold 4-8 sanitary napkins.

"They came just in time. The perfect size and a added bonus is that they are water resistant, which I didn't know. I was washing it and the water just ran off."
Amazon Review By D. W

6. Looking for a fresh way to keep your teeth clean and healthy? Colgate PreviDent5000 PLUS Toothpaste is perfect for preventing tooth decay and strengthening tooth enamel. With its advanced formula and fruity taste, this toothpaste is ideal for keeping your smile looking its best.

"Due to genetics, I am very cavity-prone, despite brushing, flossing and following my dentists recommendations. I would typically have 1-2 cavities per year. My dentist recommended using Prevident and now I have no cavities at each check up. It is pricey, but when compared to the cost of dental work, it is well worth it for me."
Amazon Review By Jay

7. Introducing the FlexiSnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake! This powerful little tool is perfect for instantly removing clogs in your sink, bathtub or shower. The secret is our patented micro-hooks, which grab onto hair, filth and grime without damaging your pipes or catching on drain parts. The extra-long design (18 inches!) makes it perfect for reaching deep, hard-to-reach clogs.

"This worked great!! Been dealing with plugged drains for awhile now so I highly recommend BUT I just saw another ad for a10pc wand set for $1 less then I paid for 5 so shop around and get a better bang for your buck! ALSO be warned if you have a complete plugged drain like I did it’s very hard to pull this wand out!! Not much to grip as it’s made of plastic and you risk breaking the handle so disengage and use a clothe to give a better grip to the wand."
Amazon Review By Lynda

8. Introducing Amada Pure Fungus Stop, the perfect solution for toenail and nail care! We’ve seen great results with our powerful formula, which can effectively solve issues on both toenails and fingernails. Plus, it’s easy to use – simply apply the liquid with the included brush applicator and let it dry.

"I have had ugly toenail fungus and nothing cleared it up or you did not get much so you would have to keep buying more and still no results. Bought this one to try and after 3-4 weeks now the discoloration is almost completely gone, the ugly thickness is thinning out and you can see white nail starting to grow in from the skin underneath. I still have so much of the bottle left also and I use it 3-4 times a day on all nails on my foot but especially the toes."
Amazon Review By andre

9. Embarrassing sweat stains are a thing of the past with SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes. Say goodbye to worrying about underarm sweat and hello to confidence. These clinically-proven wipes are strong enough to provide long-lasting protection against even the heaviest sweating, making them ideal for those with hyperhidrosis or who are taking medications that cause excessive sweating.

"I don't usually leave long reviews, but I love this product so much I had to say something. I have a case of hyperhidrosis (caused by medication), that causes sweat to flow from my face and armpits like water from a faucet. My Adderall precription, as well as heat and anxiety cause me to sweat profusely and it can be quite embarrassing. Sweat block takes that feeling and the sweat away completely, and gives me back the confident and dry man I'm used to."
Amazon Review By Jason Schwering

10. Looking for a way to keep your underarms dry and odor-free all day long? Look no further than Aoeoun Underarm Sweat Pads! Our pads are made of the highest quality microfiber fabrics and are extremely absorbent, breathable, and sticky – but without any residues.

"The sweat pads were packed nicely in a big bag and then each one wrapped individually, nice and thin to take to go. The adhesion is very strong, which is so important. I was wearing a relatively loose shirt and moved a lot, then took it on and off multiple times while shopping and it still stayed in place. The absorption was really good too, it was a hot day. It felt really strange to see the shirt stay dry while I was sweating... this one literally becomes black in color when wet, so I kept checking."
Amazon Review By Kate T.

11. The Bed Bug Blocker 8 Pack is the perfect way to get rid of bed bugs for good. These interceptors are designed to fit nearly all furniture and beds, and are specifically made to withstand heavier furniture such as large beds.

"It took a while but they finally caught one. For months we had little bites on us but had never seen an actual bed bug. We bought these as a monitoring device, and it did the job. It will not control a bed bug problem but will prove that you have one."
Amazon Review By Michael Vettese

12. Looking to stop biting your nails or sucking your thumb? Biter Be Goner is here to help! This easy-to-use nail care product tastes so bad, you'll never want to put your fingers in your mouth again! Simply apply it to your nails and cuticles and watch the nail growth!

"I usually don't write reviews, but this stuff is so potent I just had to say something about it. I've been chewin' on my bananas since I was a baby with no hope of ever breaking this habit. I've willpower and therapy but nothing works like this stuff.. THE TASTE IS RANCID.. ok, seriously.. put this on your finger and one lick will CURE you.. you'll never wanna put you."
Amazon Review By Jon

13. Looking for a way to stay clean while using public restrooms? Look no further than Porta Hygiene Disposable Toilet Seat Covers! Their toilet seat covers are designed to fit most toilet seats and provide a barrier between you and the seat, so you can rest assured knowing you're always staying clean.

"Good size, more than sufficient to cover standard size toilet seat. Paper is thick. Much thicker than the ones my employer uses for our office toilets. They are also not easily torn. Flushed well. The carrying case is also strong enough. Will order more for the extended family, for covid return to work, for shopping, for future travel when safe. Great product. A bit expensive though. Hope the price can come down."
Amazon Review By SFM_K

14. Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm Stick is perfect for preventing chafed, irritated, and raw skin. This long-lasting balm forms an invisible barrier against rubbing, making it ideal for inner thighs, neck, arms, or anywhere skin is being rubbed. Made with allergen-free, plant-derived ingredients, Body Glide is child safe, clothing and footwear safe, and won't clog pores.

"Although I dislike the phrase "chub rub" it is an apt description of the evil chafe that happens to a larger person's bare inner thighs. I have tried other options unsuccessfully, ultimately resorting to wearing shorts under dresses. But I finally found the best way to defeat it and it is Body Glide!! Applying this to my upper inner thighs COMPLETELY prevents chafing. All day! Full disclosure: it still feels a tad sticky BUT it 100% prevents chafing and it is pretty easy to ignore the feeling. This is the first summer I have felt the freedom of skirts and dresses with no shorts underneath!! RECOMMEND for this specific use."
Amazon Review By Meg B

15. Looking for a way to keep your bathroom smelling amazing without using harsh chemicals? Look no further than Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray! Their toilet spray is made of essential oils and natural compounds, so it's gentle on your skin and the environment.

"This stuff is a marriage saver. I got our original bottle as a gag gift for my husband and let me tell you it’s been a game changer for our single bathroom house! No more passing out after hubs has been in the bathroom “thinking”."
Amazon Review By An Amazon Customer

16. Do you like to laugh? Do you like to color? If you answered yes to either (or both!) of those questions, then boy, do we have the product for you! Introducing Farting Animals, the adult coloring book - it's sure to get you giggling.

"Purchased this as a gift for a teenager. The pictures are pretty funny to be honest. The quality of the paper is decent and the outside of the book has a waxy/ heavy feel to it, which was a nice surprise. Size wise, each page is a decent size too. Definitely bang for your buck to purchase."
Amazon Review By Holly S