32 Ingenious Parenting Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

Totally helpful!

Ingenious parenting tricks are here to make your life (and your kids' life) easier! Will also keep the kids out of trouble or at least keep them entertained! Little did we all know that these tricks are actually fool proof!

Here are 32 of the best parenting tricks we live by!

1. Invest in a backseat car organizer

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It will do you wonders, promise!

2. Use pizza boxes for crafts

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Make them with your kids so they have something new to play with!

3. Make a fort using a hula hoop and some sheets

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Your kids will surely enjoy staying in their makeshift fort!

4. Cleaning toys using a dishwasher

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5. Cover your kids picnic table with oil cloth

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For it to be water resistant!

6. Use cute, out of this world beddings

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So your kids will be happy to sleep every night!

7. Toothpaste to clean marker marks

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From your precious wooden furniture!

8. Remove crayon marks anywhere using a WD40

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9. Have your own splinter removal tip

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Which is a paste of baking soda and water. Put the paste into the affected area and wait for a few minutes for a pain-free splinter removal.

10. Using a rubber band to open stubborn jars

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11. Tie a rubber band around the head of your soap or shampoo dispenser

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So not too much will be wasted!

12. Spray bottle with water inside the car

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To use for spraying the hot buckles of the seatbelts!

13. A kitchen timer to time your kids activities

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So that they'll know how long to brush their teeth, get dressed, tie shoes, etc.

14. Meter stick to keep drawers locked

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Baby-proofing ain't hard!

15. Sponges as ice packs

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Put the cold sponges into ziplocks so nothing gets wet!

16. Use potatoes as stamps

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So you can make as many as you please!

17. Tape ziplocks with paint on windows

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For mess free painting!

18. Coffee filters to separate snacks

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No fuss, no dirty food containers!

19. Put a tape on your kids' “noisy” toys

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To muffle the sound!

20. Put a tape on your nail clipper

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To catch the pesky nail clippings!

21. A board game plate

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To have you kids eat their food!

22. Keep your kids apple slices fresh

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Place the apples inside a lunch bag, drizzle it with salt and slosh them with water! No brown apples!

23. Place cupcake liners at the bottom of your kids popsicles

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The liners will catch the dripping mess.

24. Put stickers on the inside of your kids shoes

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So they will know which shoe is for which foot.

25. Make your kids use only one cup by putting magnets on their favorite cups

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So they can stick it in the fridge and they can always find it.

26. Freeze your toddler's pacifier

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To help soothe aching gums!

27. Vinegar for mild burns

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Surprisingly, applying vinegar over a burn will ease the pain.

28. Pool noodles for a safer trampoline

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To avoid having your kids legs getting trapped in the wires!

29. Placing a laundry basket in the tub

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To keep your toddler and their toys contained during bath time.

30. Using a rubber band to prevent the door from being locked

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You're gonna need sturdy, huge bands for this.

31. A lint roller for picking up debris

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Your craft room should have a lint roller to pick up glitter, buttons, sequins and really tiny objects.

32. A pizza cutter not just for pizza

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A pizza cutter can cut almost anything from waffles, sandwiches to bread.

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