Are you a Pokémon trainer looking for the best Lego sets to complete your collection?

Lego sets are an incredible way to bring the Pokémon universe into your home. Whether you choose classic models that recreate iconic scenes from the show, or contemporary kits featuring characters and Pokémon from newer games, there is something for every aspiring trainer! Build your own world of possibilities with these remarkable sets and embark on adventures like never before!

Unleash your creativity with the ultimate Lego sets. Engage in epic battles, explore new realms and construct intricate builds that will test your skills and ingenuity. From recreating iconic battles to creating never-before-seen, original stories, you can build a Pokémon world of your own!

Uncover the ultimate Lego sets every Pokémon trainer must have to truly complete their collection! Check out this overview of the best Pokémon Lego sets trainers need to take their game to the next level!

How We Choose

After in-depth research and countless reviews on Amazon, our Lego specialists have discovered the most exceptional sets Pokémon trainers require for their collections.

Searching for the ideal Lego set to enhance your Pokémon training can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance you are sure to find one that suits all of your needs.

With so many amazing Lego sets out there, how do you determine which one will provide the best bang for your buck?

After devoting numerous hours to reviewing thousands of Amazon reviews, our team of experts has compiled the best Lego sets for Pokémon trainers. With so much effort already put in, you can now effortlessly locate and purchase the perfect set for your Pokémon needs!

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors. LucksList may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). We hope you find your next favorite thing!

Best Starter Lego Pokémon Set

Totodile vs Snubbull Mega Construx Set

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Why We Love It

Calling all trainers! The Totodile vs. Snubbull Mega Construx Set is the ideal starting place for any aspiring Pokémon master. This set includes buildable figures of both Totodile and Snubbull, a battle environment to construct, and pressure-activated pieces that bring the fight to life in spectacular fashion - sure to please anybody who loves Pokémon. Furthermore, you can join this kit with other sets from Mega Construx to create your own unique realm of Pokémon adventures! If you're looking for an exciting way to start your Pokémon journey, this is the perfect place to begin.

What You Should Know

Pokémon lovers of all ages can get their trainer career off to a great start with the Totodile vs. Snubbull Mega Construx Set! With 119 pieces, this set is ideal for children 6 and up and allows you to recreate the classic battle between these two beloved Pokémon. You won't just be able to build figures—you'll also have the chance to set up an epic battle that's brought to life by with these awesome Pokémon! So, don't miss out on constructing your very own Pokémon world! Get ready, get set, go with the Totodile vs. Snubbull Mega Construx Set!

Best Character Variety Lego Pokémon Set

Pokémon Battle Mega Construx Set

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Why We Love It

Pokémon Battle Mega Construx Set is the ultimate plaything for any aspiring Pokémon Trainer! This amazing set comes with 6 articulated and poseable figures: Charmeleon, Litleo, Ivysaur, Cacnea, Wartotle and Psyduck, each featuring their own unique battle moves. An incredible water launcher, fire launcher and grass launcher are also included in the kit to let you create an unforgettable showdown between your beloved characters. To take it up a notch of realism there is even a multi-dimensional stadium backdrop that will make every clash look incredibly lifelike. If you're looking for an incredible set to complete your collection, look no further than the Pokémon Battle Mega Construx Set!

What You Should Know

Ignite your children's imagination with the Pokémon Battle Mega Construx Set! Designed for kids 6 and older to help foster their creativity, problem-solving skills, and more. With pre-sorted pieces that are simple to build together quickly – plus compatible parts from other brands - this set is a breeze to assemble! As Amazon's Choice for Mega Construx Pokémon toys, you can be sure you're purchasing a quality set. Let your little ones become the ultimate Pokémon Master by getting them this amazing set today! So, start building your Pokémon world and become the very best like no one ever was!

Best Scyther Lego Pokémon Set

Slashing Scyther Mega Construx Set

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Why We Love It

Trainers, it's time to take your Pokémon battles up a notch! With Mega Construx Slashing Scyther set you can construct an awe-inspiring 5-inch figure complete with its iconic scythes, wings, teeth and claws. Coming in at 188 pieces this kit is suitable for builders aged 6+, creating the perfect addition to any fan’s collection. The included display stand even allows you spin the Pokémon ready to slice through trees! If you’re looking for a set to add some serious battle power to your arsenal, Slashing Scyther is the perfect choice! So, don't wait around; get ready for some intense battling today by getting your hands on one of these amazing sets now!

What You Should Know

If you're hunting for a formidable companion to join your Pokémon team, then the Slashing Scyther Mega Construx Set is just what you need! Not only is it Amazon's Choice for the Pokémon Scyther, but it also makes an ideal gift for any die-hard fan of this beloved franchise. Moreover, all its pieces are compatible with other major building sets and brands, making it even more versatile than ever before. Don't wait another minute and grab hold of the perfect choice today! It's time to add some serious slashing power to your Pokémon battles!

Best Battle Lego Pokémon Set

Greninja vs Electabuzz Mega Construx Set

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Why We Love It

Trainers, get ready to battle! Challenge your opponents with the ultimate Greninja vs Electabuzz Mega Construx Set. This comprehensive 340 piece set allows you to construct two fully articulated figures of both Greninja and Electabuzz, coupled with their own respective weapons. Duel it out in a battle like no other as each figure can launch water shurikens from Greninja and Electric-type attacks from Electabuzz! Perfect for any ambitious Pokémon trainer aspiring to become a master at catching 'em all! So, don't wait another minute and get ready to battle with this amazing set today!

What You Should Know

Are you looking for the ideal gift for your little Pokémon fanatic? Look no further than the Greninja vs Electabuzz Mega Construx Set! This 340-piece set includes two fully articulated figures of these iconic characters and comes with launchers to simulate their powerful attacks. A great choice for kids aged 8 and up, this set allows for dynamic action sequences! Plus, it can be displayed alongside and is compatible with other Pokémon construction sets from Mega Construx. Make sure that your budding trainer has all they need: get them the Greninja vs Electabuzz Mega Construx Set today! So, if you're looking for the perfect set for any Pokémon trainer, the Greninja vs Electabuzz Mega Construx Set is an amazing choice!

Best Slowpoke Lego Pokémon Set

Slowpoke Mega Construx Set

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Why We Love It

Trainers can now construct their own Slowpoke with Mega Construx's amazing construction set! The figure features moveable arms, legs, head, ears, and tail for maximum versatility. Plus, you get transparent water-type battle spray to take your adventures up a notch. And if that wasn't enough, an additional buildable environment that doubles as a display stand is included; easily combine it with other Pokémon sets from Mega Construx and start building your own Pokémon utopia! If you're looking for the perfect Slowpoke set to complete your collection, look no further than this amazing one!

What You Should Know

Mega Construx's Slowpoke construction set is perfect for Pokémon trainers who want to get their hands on the best Lego sets. This 119-piece set is perfect for trainers aged 6 years and up, allowing you to construct your very own Slowpoke figure! Create a watery surprise when you swing its powerful tail to douse the environment! It also comes with transparent battle effect details suited for water types as well as an eye-catching display stand that doubles as a buildable environment. You can even team it up with other Pokémon construction sets from Mega Construx, too! So, start building your Pokémon world with the Slowpoke Mega Construx set today!

Pokémon Lego Sets FAQs

With the huge selection of Lego sets available and varying Pokémon trainers' interests, it can be tricky to select which ones are truly worthy of your attention.

Trying to find the perfect Lego sets and Pokémon trainers for your child can be a daunting task, with so many options available. Which ones are the most popular, easily becoming fan-favorites? What features make them stand out from the rest?

To help you choose the ideal Lego set for your Pokémon trainer, we've create a list of frequently asked questions. Now you can make an informed decision and give them something they will love! Arm yourself with the information you need to get the best of the best. So, what are you waiting for? Become a Pokémon master with the greatest Lego sets around!

What are some of the most popular Lego sets?

Some of the most popular Lego sets include the Lego City Police Station, the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon, the Lego Creator Expert Taj Mahal, the Lego Creator Expert Ferris Wheel, and the Lego Ideas Ship in a Bottle. The Lego Creator Expert sets are particularly popular, as they allow you to build highly detailed and realistic models. The Lego Ideas sets also offer unique and creative designs that are sure to capture the imagination. For kids interested in the Pokémon franchise, the Mega Construx Sets are an excellent choice. Featuring iconic characters and larger-than-life battles, there's something for everyone. For teens and adults, the Architecture series offers a chance to create and display impressive buildings from around the world.

What are the best Lego sets for different ages and skill levels?

The best Lego sets for different ages and skill levels depend on the interests of the child. For younger children, sets with fewer pieces and larger pieces are best. These sets are typically labeled as "junior" or "4+". For older children, sets with more pieces and smaller pieces are recommended. These sets are typically labeled as "classic", "advanced" or "8+".

For children who are just starting out, sets that are labeled as "introductory" or "beginner" are a great way to get them familiar with the basics of Lego building. For more experienced builders, sets with more complex pieces and structures are recommended. These sets are typically labeled as "expert" or "16+". Examples include the Lego Technic sets, which include working motors and detailed engineering structures.

Boys and girls alike love Pokémon, such as Charmander, so find the items and products that are their fan favorites. Some are cute, some are cool, some look rather average, but there's a world full of amazing creatures in store for you. No matter the age or skill level, the best Lego sets will always be the ones that match the interests of the child, so filter your results and place your orders now!

What types of supplies should I purchase to complete my Lego set?

The type of supplies you need to purchase to complete your Lego set will depend on the particular set you have. Generally, you will need to purchase any additional pieces that are not included in the set, such as mini figures, extra bricks, and specialty pieces, although a lot of sets come with all the pieces you need to build the model. You may also need to purchase tools, such as a screwdriver, pliers, and tweezers, to help you assemble the set. Additionally, you may want to purchase some Lego-specific adhesive to secure the pieces in place, or some sealant to protect the set from dirt and dust. Finally, you may want to invest in a display case or some extra storage containers to keep your Lego set safe and organized. You can order these supplies online or at your local Lego store. With the right supplies, your set will be ready to build in no time!

How can I make sure that I am following the instructions correctly for an advanced Lego set?

The best way to ensure that you are following the instructions correctly is to take your time and read through the instructions carefully. Make sure that you understand each step before you start building, and double-check that you have all the pieces you need before you begin. It can also help to have a picture of the completed set nearby so that you can refer to it as you build. Additionally, if you get stuck or confused at any point, don’t be afraid to ask for help or look up online tutorials. There are so many videos and resources available, making it easier than ever to build even the most advanced Lego sets.

How long will it take to complete a Pokémon Lego set?

The amount of time it takes to complete a Pokémon Lego set will depend on the size of the set and the level of experience of the builder. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from around an hour to several days to build a set, depending on the complexity of the design. Simpler sets may take less time, while more advanced sets may take much longer. For experienced builders, the time it takes to complete a set can be significantly reduced. Additionally, many sets come with instructions that can help guide the builder in completing the set in a timely manner. Regardless of the set you choose, with patience and practice, anyone can become a master at building their own Pokémon Lego sets!

Are there any special tools needed to work with Legos?

No, you don't need any special tools to work with Legos. Most of the time you only need your Lego pieces and your imagination. A few basic tools like tweezers, screwdrivers, and pliers can come in handy for some of the more complex sets. Additionally, if you want to secure pieces in place more securely, you can use Lego-specific adhesive or super glue for extra stability. Finally, if you want to protect your set from dirt and dust, you may want to invest in some sealant. These tools can help make building and displaying Lego sets easier and more enjoyable.

Can I customize or make changes to a completed Pokémon Lego set?

If you want to customize your Pokémon Lego creations, you can always use the pieces from the set to create something new and unique. You can also purchase additional pieces to add to your collection and create something totally new. These extras vary in their prices, although you can find discounts on them and even get speedy delivery with a click of a button. There are also many online tutorials available to help you learn how to modify and customize your Lego sets, as well as websites to help you find additional pieces and accessories. With a little creativity and some basic know-how, you can sort through your options to create your own unique and original Pokémon Lego sets!

Is there a way to design my own Pokémon Lego set from scratch?

There are a few ways to customize existing Lego sets. You can purchase individual Lego pieces from the Lego website and use them to build your own creations, or you can purchase Pokémon Lego sets that come with instructions for how to build custom designs. Additionally, there are online apps and software programs that allow you to design your own Lego creations virtually. With these tools, you can experiment with different pieces and colors to create something totally unique. Whether you are an experienced Lego builder or a novice, designing your own Lego set from scratch is a fun and exciting way to get creative with your Pokémon Lego sets.

Are there any optional accessories or additional building sets available if I want to expand on my original Pokémon Lego set design?

Yes, there are many optional accessories and additional building sets available for you to expand on your original Pokémon Lego set design. You can purchase additional sets that include new characters, buildings, and scenery, as well as accessories like tools and vehicles. You can also purchase specialized pieces like custom mini figures, special bricks, and even rare pieces that are only available in limited editions. With these additional pieces, you can create a unique and dynamic Pokémon Lego set that is truly your own.

What is Pokémon?

Pokémon is a media franchise created by video game designer Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. It is centered on fictional creatures called "Pokémon", or Pocket Monsters, which humans, known as Pokémon trainers, catch and train to battle each other for sport. The franchise has become one of the highest-grossing media franchises in the world, with over $90 billion in total franchise revenue. The Pokémon franchise is also one of the most successful and longest-running video game franchises, alongside titles like the Legend of Zelda, with over 300 million copies sold worldwide. The Pokémon anime series, which follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his friends, has been broadcast in over 160 countries and has become one of the most popular animated series in the world. The Pokémon Trading Card Game has also been a major success, with over 25 billion cards sold worldwide. With 9 different regions and over 1000 Pokémon species to date, the Pokémon world continues to expand and capture the imaginations of fans all over the world.

As you can see, the Pokémon franchise has been growing in popularity for nearly three decades. And with an ever-growing selection of merchandise and Lego sets to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect set for any Pokémon trainer. Whether you’re looking for an introductory set or something more advanced, there are plenty of Lego sets Pokemon lovers can choose from when shopping.

The Best Pokémon Legos Sets for You and Your Trainer

Pokémon Lego sets offer fans of the beloved game a unique and exciting way to express their love for the franchise. With a wide variety of sets available at varying price points, there is something for everyone. From fan favorite playsets to recreations of popular battles from the games and anime, the Lego Pokémon sets offer endless possibilities. These expertly crafted play sets offer an excellent avenue for creative fun and exploration, plus hours of entertainment. From novice Pokémon fans to the Pokémon masters, there's something here for everyone in this vibrant world filled with unique building bricks and beloved Poké pals alike! So, go ahead and catch 'em all – in Lego form!

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