Introducing the Easter Bunny Squishmallow Squad - the perfect way to hop into spring! These fluffy, cuddly, and oh-so-adorable Squishmallows are sure to put a smile on your face, and a twinkle in your eye.

Squishmallows Easter Squad is the perfect way to show your loved ones you care this Easter. These soft, cuddly, and collectible plush toys come in a variety of cute characters that are great for kids and adults alike, and make the perfect addition to any Easter basket.

This article reviews the best Squishmallows Easter Squad members you can buy on Amazon!

Remember, Squishmallows are so popular that they come in and out of stock often, especially the holiday squads! If you get an out-of-stock message, visit the Squishmallow Store directly to see if your favorite is available in a different size or style!

The Squishmallow Easter Squad is the perfect way to celebrate Easter. With a wide range of colors and designs, these adorable plush toys make the perfect addition to any Easter basket.

Take a look at all these cuties just waiting to hop on home with you!

When it comes to the Squishmallow Easter Squad, you absolutely must get your hands on Blake! She's not just your average egg-straordinary plush friend - she is the ultimate Easter playdate pal. Not only does she come dressed for the occasion in an ever-changing array of colorful costumes and imaginative ensembles, but she's also always in character. Whether she's sailing the seven seas as a brave pirate, ruling over a fairytale kingdom like a princess, or diving into the deep blue sea as a magical mermaid, 

Blake is sure to bring plenty of extra fun and laughter to any game day. And in her 16" pillow size, squishy soft fur and fun personality, this limited edition member of the Squishmallow Easter Squad is definitely worthy of being included in your special celebrations this season. So go ahead and make sure that Blake gets her chance to shine - she'll be hopping at the opportunity!

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Meet Bexley, the delightfully delicious member of the Squishmallow Easter Squad. Not only is she a fabulous friend to cuddle up with but she also takes math lessons to a whole other level! She’s here to lend you a helping hand and make sure you understand all those pesky equations. With her beloved jelly beans and marshmallows in tow, Bexley turns math into something that’s actually fun! Her infectious enthusiasm for learning will leave even the most reluctant math whizzes eager for more.

Not only that, her fluffy fur and super soft stuffing mean that she's always ready for hugs when things get tough. And if you’re looking for something extra special this springtime, then Bexley is your girl! Whether it’s solving equations or just hanging out, there’s no better companion than one of the Squishmallows Easter Squad. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your math lessons extra sweet - call Bexley today!

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8" Original Aimee the Chick (no Easter Egg!)
8" Aimee the Chick with Fuzzy Belly

Aimee the Squishmallow Easter Squad member is not just any ordinary chick! With a litany of impressive accomplishments, she's sure to be a hit at your next occasion. Aimee has been a part of the club and competition scenes for years and regularly puts on entertaining shows. But she's no one-trick pony - in her free time, Aimee often plans events that she isn't even participating in! Her ultimate goal is to eventually be in charge of red-carpet events, which speaks to her ambition and drive.

Not only will Aimee look adorable perched on top of your Easter basket - she can handle any challenge thrown her way. From coordinating special occasions to helping you choose the perfect decorations for your event, there's nothing Aimee can't do! She'll also bring a unique flair and charm to any gathering with her bubbly personality, keen eye for detail, and ability to think outside the box. So if you're looking for an all-in-one package this Easter season, look no further than Aimee from the Squishmallow Easter Squad!

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Does this cuteness even need a description?

You got to meet Aimee above! Here's a little about Relinda the Sheep! Relinda is crazy for flowers! Relinda's grandmother, who has a giant garden, taught her everything she knows about flowers! Of course, Relinda can't wait to become a florist so that she can spend all day creating lovely and fragrant bouquets andbarrangements. Plus she's got a few ideas of her own!

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You'll be learning more about Caroleena below, so let's find out a little about Brinkley!

Brinkley is a rocker with an electric guitar! Her eyesight isn't that great, so she learned to play by memorizing the sounds and locatoins of the strings! That's impressive! Make a request - she can play almost any song you can imagine!

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Forget bunnies and chicks - the real star of Easter has to be Jason, the Easter Squad's resident trucker-in-training! On the outside, this donkey looks like all the other squishy friends, but on the inside, he has an adventurous spirit that's ready to explore! From early mornings spent studying for his truck driver's license to late nights dreaming of cruising up mountain roads, Jason is already a pro at handling big things.

He's not only an inspiration for aspiring drivers but also a reminder of why you should add him to your plush squad. With his cuddly exterior and limitless energy, Jason will quickly become your favorite companion for any adventure. Plus, he's made from super soft fabrics so you can hug him tight - even when you're navigating those long-haul trips! So don't wait any longer - get Jason today and fuel your inner explorer!

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Meet Sophie, the adorable Squishmallow Easter Squad member! She's a cute, floppy-eared lamb with a heart-shaped nose and the softest fur you'll ever feel. She loves to dress up in her own designs, inspired by the flowers near her home. As an aspiring fashion designer, she loves creating new looks with her friends and staging mock fashion shows. With Sophie on your side, you can bring some serious style to your Easter celebrations.

Not only will she add a touch of glamor to any egg hunt or other holiday activities, but she's also just so cuddly and soft that you won't be able to resist snuggling up with her. Plus, have you seen her sweet expression? How could anyone resist? Now is the perfect time to add this fashionable member of the Squishmallow Easter Squad to your collection!

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When springtime arrives, Kesla the Squishmallow Spring Squad Member won't just be content to stay cooped up indoors. Instead, this cheerful cat is ready to head outdoors and take in all that comes with the warmer weather - from the chirping birds to the blooming flowers. After all, Kesla is a ray of sunshine in plush form! Not only is she adorably soft and cuddly, but she's also full of energy, so she loves using her extra energy to explore everything that spring has to offer.

Kesla loves to take long strolls around the garden picking out bright blooms or hanging around with her bunny friends in the park. She's always eager to get out there and make new friends, too! Whether it's playing tag or searching for hidden treats like eggs or colorful carrots, Kesla will never be short on things to do when spring comes around each year. Plus, all her adventures help fuel her imagination and creativity - something which every young one needs! So what are you waiting for? Start making memories with Kesla right away!

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Introducing Caroleena, a unique member of the Squishmallow Easter Squad! She's sure to bring joy and laughter to any gathering, as she is a master impressionist and can keep you in stitches for hours. Her impressions are so spot-on that when she impersonated her aunt at a family dinner party recently, everyone was weeping with laughter until one unfortunate table took an early exit!

Not only is Caroleena talented in impressions, but she is also full of character and wit. She will surely be an asset to your collection this Easter season, brightening up even the gloomiest day with her hilarious renditions and contagious laughter. So don't wait any longer - grab up Caroleena from the Squishmallow Easter Squad today and get ready for side-splitting fun!

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Meet Mikah, a fun-loving Squishmallow Easter Squad member who will bring delight and joy to your home! She adores baseball, red velvet cake, and spending time with her friends. Mikah is an aspiring archaeologist, dreaming of one day exploring the ancient ruins of Rome. Her passion for learning and understanding the world around her makes her an ideal companion for children - not to mention that she plays the recorder like a pro!

With her bright personality, infectious laugh, and impressive musical talent, Mikah is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Plus, when you cuddle up with her after a long day, you'll feel right at home with this delightful Easter Squad member!

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8" Triston the Chick

Meet Triston! He's an adorable chick who can't help but stick close to his twin sister, Trina. They do everything together - they join the same clubs at school and have identical class schedules. Plus, they have a shared love of cuddles and naps! But there's one place you won't see them - the pool! Triston is afraid of swimming, so he'll be sure to stay far away from any body of water.

If you're looking for an adorable chick to add to your Easter decorations this year, look no further than Triston! He'll be sure to bring a lot of joy and fun into your home with his outgoing personality and warm hugs. Plus, you don't have to worry about him taking up any valuable swim time - he and water just don't mix. From always being around his twin sister to always being on dry land, Triston will make a perfect addition to your Squishmallow Easter Squad!

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Leah loves to make beautiful things, and Easter is no exception! She’s been busy creating her own special member to apply for a future Squishmallow Easter Squad - a limited-edition kite and flower crown set that she’s sure her friends will love. Her unique design features a colorful kite with bright streamers attached to an array of vibrant fabric flowers. We'll be sure to let you know when it's available!

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Easter Bunny Squishmallows FAQs

It can be hard to find the perfect Squishmallow!

With so many different Easter Squad members to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which one you can't live without! You want to make sure you get the perfect Squishmallow for your Easter basket, but how do you know which one to choose?

We really can't help you with your final decision! Which one makes you smile and gives you that comfy, warm, cuddly, fun, and hoppy feeling?

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about all Squishmallows so you can learn about these cuddly companions.

What are Squishmallows made of?

Squishmallows have a super soft marshmallow-like texture filling made from polyester fabric and high-quality materials. They're perfect for snuggling with you on the couch, traveling in your car, or vacationing on a plane! Their cloud-like squishiness makes them super cuddly, and they're so light weight, they're easy to pack away when you've got things to do!

Can you put Squishmallows in the washer? Or in the dryer?

Squishmallow creators say that you should not put a Squishmallow in the washing machine or submerge your little buddy in any water. The best way to clean your sweet, squishy toy is to spot-clean it with a damp cloth. Do not put your Squishmallow in the dryer. Please air dry your squishy!

How do you clean a Squishmallow?

Spot-cleaning with mild detergent and warm water will keep your Squishmallow in top condition. This method is much more gentle and will help preserve the Squishmallow shape and squeezable properties for years to come! Don't scrub too hard—Squishmallows are delicate!

Who was the very first Squishmallow?

Cam the Cat, aka Cameron, has been a Squishmallows fan favorite since he was released. He has the honor of being the first Squishmallow ever made by Collector Number with an official release date of March 1, 2017. He continues to proudly serve as the main mascot of this popular brand. Cam leads the pack in this wildly popular collection of perfectly-sized Squishmallows!

Easy Amazon Shopping

Making a Squishmallow purchase on Amazon's website from a business that can sell to customers in different categories is a huge benefit! Amazon has fantastic shipping policies and will also accept returns. (However, we don't think you'll need to send back these cuties!)

Get Your Baskets Ready!

Now that you know a little more about these Easter Squad members, it’s time to choose your favorite! Who will you be adding to your Easter basket this year?

Will it be Jason the Donkey, or maybe Triston the Chick?

We hope you enjoyed our guide for these sweet Easter Squad Squishmallows. These cuddly stuffed animals are perfect for kids of all ages and make the best gifts!

To help you make a decision, tap the button for each product to explore pricing and quick and free delivery options!

If you didn't see your favorite Easter Squad member, visit the Squishmallows Store on Amazon to see more characters you will love!

Have a hippity, hoppity day!

Enjoy the little things!

Daisy 🙂

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