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Looking for a unique gift that will delight both a tech enthusiast and a Squishmallow fan?

Squishmallow headphones are the perfect choice! Stylish and comfortable, they come in a variety of adorable designs and deliver superior sound quality.

We've updated our article with the current headphone favorites!

Compatible with all major audio jack devices, they ensure your recipient can enjoy them with ease. Listening to music with Squishmallow headphones adds a fun twist!

Show your special someone how much you care with a gift that’s both thoughtful and practical. Having Squishmallows on your headphones is so much more fun!

They’ll enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks in style and comfort.

If you need more reasons to love them, these headphones are incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for on-the-go use.

They feature super soft ear cushions and an adjustable headband for ultimate comfort.

With a stylish design and long-lasting battery life, Squishmallow plush wired headphones combine style and convenience seamlessly.

Don’t wait—grab a pair today and enjoy comfort, quality sound, and endless entertainment!

Expert Tip: Just a quick reminder that Squishmallow products can go in and out of stock quickly! If your favorite is out-of-stock, visit the Squishmallow Store to see if it might be available from another seller, or if there are similar items that meet your "cuteness" criteria!

Take a look at these adorable stuffed animal headphones and imagine the gift-giving fun!

Beula the Octopus Squishmallow Headphones

Beula loves DIY painting and making everyday things into beautiful art. She wants to be an art teacher when she grows up, so she can paint and share how much art means to her. And what better way to enjoy an artistic afternoon than with a pair of Squishmallow headphones? The unique design and comfortable fit will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your latest masterpiece!

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Zobey the Octopus Squishmallow Headphones

Zobey is great company to be around - even if he doesn't look like it at first! He can be a little sarcastic, but you can count on him when you need a hand. He's super laid back and always loves to share a few chill jokes with everyone around him. And wherever you’re going, these headphones will keep your music playing clearly and loudly so you can listen to all of his favorite jokes along the way. The cord management system ensures that wires stay neatly tucked away during your travels. Whether you’re heading out to sea or just taking a stroll around the neighborhood, Zobey is the perfect travel buddy to have by your side!

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Gordon the Shark Squishmallow Headphones

Never fear! Gordon is one of the friendliest Squishmallows around! He loves helping others so much that one day he wants to start his own nonprofit! If you're looking for the perfect pair of headphones, you'll love these headphones featuring the beloved Gordon! With Gordon as your audio companion, you'll be sure to experience the sweetest sound around. With its comfortable fit, these headphones will make any activity more enjoyable. Whether it's watching a movie together or playing some music while munching on pudding, these Squishmallow headphones are the perfect choice!

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Floyd the French Fry Squishmallow Headphones

Have you ever met a French fry you didn't love? This salty French fry dreams of leaving the kitchen for adventures he’s only heard about! Climbing a mountain, sailing the sea, or even visiting his family in Idaho. If you're looking for some sweet style and sound to light up your life, Floyd headphones are just the thing for you! Not only will they provide all the comfort and audio quality one could ever need, but it'll be like having your very own adventure pal to enjoy the tunes. The fluffiness and softness mean listening won't ever cause discomfort, making them ideal for long sessions with friends or family.

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Tina the Tiger Squishmallow Headphones

Tina’s style is one for the books. Her patterned clothing isn’t the only thing that stands out about this spunky Squishmallow. She is known for her unforgettable hair styles that leave every Squishmallow excited for their next hairdo! And she knows exactly what she wants: a pair of Squishmallow fashion-forward headphones! After all, with their sleek design and soft ear cushions, they're the perfect way to walk the runway. With Squishmallow headphones on her side, Tina will havea the best audio experience around town!

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Ready For Some Tunes?

If you’re searching for headphones that will bring a smile to your child’s face, look no further than Squishmallow character headphones.

With a delightful variety of characters to choose from, there's a perfect pair for every kid—without breaking the bank!

So why wait? Click now for more information, current pricing, and delivery options on the Squishmallow character headphones your child will adore. You can also search feedback and reviews.

Enjoy quick and convenient shipping and delivery of a brand-new, undamaged item!

And don't forget, if you didn't find your favorite, visit the Squishmallow Store!

Happy humming along!

Enjoy the little things!

Daisy 🙂


It can be hard to find the perfect Squishmallow headphones! It's hard to live without ALL of them!

We really can't help you choose your one and only! You'll have to think about who makes your heart smile!

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Squishmallows so you can know a little more about these cuddly companions.

What are Squishmallows made of?

Squishmallows are made from a super soft marshmallow-like texture. It's a polyester fabric made with high-quality materials. This comfy creation is perfect for snuggling with you on the couch, traveling with your team, or heading out on vacation! They're also light weight which makes them easy to pack away when you've got things to do!

Can you put Squishmallows in the washer? Or in the dryer?

The short answer is "No" and "No!" The creators do not recommend using a machine washer or dryer. Use a damp cloth with mild detergent if needed and then let your squishy air dry.

How do you clean a Squishmallow?

Very carefully! Instead of using an automatic washer, spot-clean with mild detergent and warm water to keep your Squishmallow in top condition. This method is more gentle and will help keep your Squishmallow in shape and snuggly for years to come.

Who was the very first Squishmallow?

Cam the Cat has the honor of being the first Squishmallow ever made by Collector Number with an official release date of March 1, 2017. Also known as Cameron, he has been a fan favorite since he was released. He proudly serves as the mascot of this beloved brand. Cam led the pack in the increased production of this wildly popular collection!

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