Are you looking for the perfect gift for a special someone in your life?

Pixar Squishmallows are the perfect way to show someone how much you care. They’re soft, cuddly, and come in a variety of sizes and designs. Plus, each one is inspired by a beloved Pixar character, so you know you’re giving a gift that’s sure to bring bright smiles!

With Pixar Squishmallows, you can find the perfect plush companion for any fan of the movies. No matter which movie is their favorite, there’s something for everyone. Plus, they’re made with super soft materials, so they’re perfect for cuddling and snuggling!

Ready to experience the most cuddly, huggable plush toy? Our review of the top Pixar Squishmallows available on Amazon will help you find the perfect one! Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to show someone how much you care, these plushies are a perfect addition! These plush pals are sure to bring joy (and lots of hugs) into your home!

How We Choose

Our Pixar Squishmallow aficionados have carefully analyzed thousands of Amazon reviews to discover the ideal products that are sure to be a hit with your Pixar fan.

Struggling to decide on the ideal Pixar Squishmallow for you? Don’t worry – let us help!

With the wide assortment of Pixar Squishmallows available, it can be tricky to pinpoint which one is worth your hard-earned money. How do you guarantee that you make a smart purchase that is guaranteed to be loved? That’s where we come in!

We have diligently scoured through hundreds of Amazon reviews to curate the perfect Pixar Squishmallow for your collection. Our team of professionals have taken away all the hard work, so that you can easily purchase just what you need without any hassle! So, make selecting the perfect Squishmallow easy and shop with confidence!

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors. LucksList may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). We hope you find your next favorite thing!

Best Mike Wazowski Pixar Squishmallow

Monsters, Inc. Mike Wazowski Pixar Squishmallow

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Why We Love It

Enjoy the brilliance of Pixar in your own home with this cozy 14-inch Mike Wazowski Squishmallow. Crafted from ultra-soft materials, it's perfect for snuggles and cuddles! It features a classic design that any fan of Monsters, Inc. will adore, making it an ideal collectible for all ages. With its high quality craftsmanship and marshmallow feel, you'll never want to put down this sweet Pixar plushie. If you’re an avid fan of Mike Wazowski, then this Squishmallow is perfect for you!

What You Should Know

Have you been searching for the perfect Mike Wazowski Pixar plush? Look no further! As Amazon's Choice for Mike Wazowski Squishmallow, this ultra-rare plush is of superior quality and easily washable and dryable. So, you can keep your toy looking brand new while having fun with all its vibrant colors, sizes, and personalities! With such a unique selection of Squishmallows to choose from, don't wait any longer and bring home your favorite Pixar character today!

Best Sulley Pixar Squishmallow

Monsters, Inc. Sulley Pixar Squishmallow

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Why We Love It

Pixar enthusiasts, this plush is simply a must-have! The Monsters, Inc. Sulley Pixar Squishmallow stands at 14 inches of ultra-soft and high quality materials, making this the perfect companion for cuddling up with. Detailed accurately to its movie character design with purple spots and two horns, it will be an eye-catching addition to any collection of Squishmallows items! If you’re a fan of Sulley or just looking for the perfect plush companion for your young ones, this Squishmallow is sure to bring smiles and joy to any Pixar fan.

What You Should Know

Snuggle up with this special Monsters, Inc. Sulley Pixar Squishmallow plush; it's the perfect collectible for fans of all ages! This 14-inch soft and cuddly stuffed animal is great to accompany you on car rides, sleepovers or naptime. Furthermore, its long lasting quality ensures that you can wash and dry it easily when necessary! Gather your favorite Pixar characters into one Squishmallow squad by collecting these adorable, squishy, plush toys; they are some of the most comfy around so your dreams will never stop coming true. So, don’t hesitate to pick up this adorable Squishmallow and make Sulley a part of your collection today!

Best Boo Pixar Squishmallow

Monsters, Inc. Boo Pixar Squishmallow

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Why We Love It

If you desire a fun and cuddly companion, then the Monsters Inc. Boo Pixar Squishmallow is perfect for your collection! This collectible plush features an alluring monster costume combined with its ultra-squeezable materials to make it snuggly and huggable. No matter if you're young or old, this adorable Boo will bring joyousness into your life because of her lighthearted grin that never fades away! Not only that, but the high-quality material used makes her easy to clean, so she can stay in excellent condition throughout many years. If you’re looking for an adorable plush to add to your collection, then this Boo Squishmallow will certainly make the perfect addition!

What You Should Know

Let the Monsters Inc. Boo Pixar Squishmallow join your collection and delight any Pixar fan! Licensed from Kelly Toys, this 14-inch plush is a part of their Original Squishmallows line, so you can count on it being authentic and high quality. Plus, minimal upkeep means snuggling stays easy: just spot clean when needed! Perfect for playtime, bedtime, or anytime in between, the plush Boo is sure to bring joy and smiles. So, don’t wait any longer! Add some personality to your space with this lovable character, and get ready for hours of cuddles with the Monsters Inc. Boo Pixar Squishmallow today!

Best Alien Pixar Squishmallow

Toy Story Alien Pixar Squishmallow

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Why We Love It

For Pixar aficionados, the Toy Story Alien Pixar Squishmallow is a must-have collectible! With its classic design and cuddly features, this 14 inch ultra-soft plush will surely bring joy to your day. Crafted with superior quality materials and officially licensed by Disney/Pixar, you are guaranteed an authentic product. And it's not just any ordinary item; as an Amazon's Choice Squishmallow, you have total confidence in getting a top of the line item for your collection! If you’re a Toy Story fan, bring home your very own Alien Squishmallow today and enjoy hours of cuddling up with your favorite character!

What You Should Know

If you're a Pixar fan, the Toy Story Alien Pixar Squishmallow is an absolute must-have for your collection. It's not only perfect for snuggling during long car rides or sleepovers but it also makes naptime even better! With its ultra-soft material and classic design, this big plush buddy will be your best companion through thick and thin. Plus, spot cleaning ensures that it'll stay looking as good as new no matter how much love you shower on him! Perfect for kids and adults alike, the Toy Story Alien Squishmallow is sure to bring a smile to your face. So, add some Toy Story fun to your life and get your very own alien Squishmallow plushie!

Best Woody Pixar Squishmallow

Toy Story Woody Pixar Squishmallow

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Why We Love It

Give your Pixar collection an upgrade with this classic Woody plush! This marshmallow-soft, 14-inch stuffed animal is made from the highest quality materials for a delightfully huggable feel. Add this detailed and timeless Woody figure to your Squishmallows display, complete with his iconic hat and outfit and perfect for any fan of all ages. If you’re in the market for an adorable Woody plush, this Pixar Squishmallow is an ideal choice for you! Get ready to bring home the fun today!

What You Should Know

Enjoy an ultra-soft snuggle with the 14" Toy Story Woody Pixar Squishmallow plush. This authentic Pixar character is perfect for road trips, sleepovers, and naptime cuddles. Plus, they're washable and dryable! Gather your favorite Pixar characters to create a vibrant Squad of fuzzy friends; these loveable, squeezable plush pals are incredibly soft so you'll never have to put those sweet dreams on hold. Crafted without plastic pellets or bean stuffing, these Squishmallows toys provide safe fun for kids (and adults!) of all ages. So, don't wait any longer! Bring home the Woody Pixar Squishmallow and start snuggling up with your favorite Toy Story character today!

Best Buzz Pixar Squishmallow

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Pixar Squishmallow

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Why We Love It

Bring the fun and magic of Disney & Pixar home with you by cuddling up to this adorable Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Squishmallow! Constructed from incredibly plush and marshmallow-soft materials, this 14-inch collectible is a must for any fan of Buzz Lightyear. They are perfect snuggle buddies during car rides, sleepovers, or just naptime—and they even come complete with his trademark Space Command Space suit! If you’re a fan of Buzz Lightyear, then this Squishmallow is the perfect addition to your collection! So, get your hands on one today for hours upon end of cozy comfort!

What You Should Know

Enhance your Squishmallows collection with the beloved Toy Story character, Buzz Lightyear! Crafted from superior quality material for a luxurious feel and filled to the brim with plushness. The Pixar Squishmallow series is available in multiple sizes, colors, and personalities to suit any individual’s taste. Not only that but it's also easily washable, so you can keep its vibrant color top notch. Make sure to look out for Kelly Toys' original Squishmallows logo to determine if it's an authentic version! With such an irresistibly soft texture, get ready to snuggle up close with your brand new Pixar friend today! So, don’t waste any more time; pick up the Buzz Lightyear Pixar Squishmallow and bring him home today!

Pixar Squishmallow FAQs

Are you on the hunt for the most desirable Pixar Squishmallows?

With such a wide selection of Pixar Squishmallows, it can be difficult to determine which are the most reliable, fluffy, and stylish. It's no wonder why people feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which ones would make your collection complete.

To help you make an informed decision regarding the purchase of Pixar Squishmallow plush toys, we have gathered a list of some frequently asked questions about them. Armed with this information, you can easily determine what's best for your needs and bring home the perfect Squishmallow!

What are some of the most popular Pixar Squishmallows available?

There are a wide variety of popular Pixar Squishmallows available, including characters from classic films like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles. Some of the most popular individual Squishmallows include Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Dory, Mr. Incredible, and Sulley from Monsters, Inc./Monsters University. However, there are also many other popular Pixar Squishmallows, including Forky, Nemo, Lightning McQueen, Jack Jack, Carl, Bing Bong, Wall-e, Miguel, and so many more! You can even find special holiday Squishmallow versions of some of your favorite characters. No matter which character or set is your favorite, there’s sure to be a Pixar Squishmallow that you’ll love!

What are other popular lines of Squishmallows?

In addition to the ever-popular Pixar Squishmallows, there are dozens of other lines of popular squishmallows available. Some of the most beloved include the adorable S’mores, Unicorn and Rainbow collections from Kelleytoy, as well as the adorable pastel colors offered in the Easter and Sweet Shop editions. Additionally, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, you can find collections, like Rockstars and Starlings, each with their own unique personalities. These collections and categories also feature a variety of sizes and materials, so you can pick up the perfect squishmallow for your collection. Other popular options include cats, Disney, holiday, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Disney Princesses. With so many choices available, there is sure to be a Squishmallow collection perfect for any collector!

Plus, there are so many different ways to get any missing Squishmallow plushies for your collection. Amazon is a great way to make Squishmallow purchases, view the average rating value, read reviews and comments, and ship them right to your door after checkout. There are other stores you can visit, both in person and online through their website and same page link, to find the perfect Squishmallow for your collection. With these options and more, you can easily find any Squishmallow that you’re missing for your collection! What’s great about Squishmallows is that they are not only a wonderful addition to any shelf, they make great gifts, too! Whether for your date paired with a special note, a child, friend, or family member, Squishmallows are sure to bring a smile and brighten anyone’s day. With so many collections available and options galore, you're bound to find the perfect pillow-y plush for your interests!

Are all Squishmallows suitable for children?

While the vast majority of Squishmallows are perfectly safe and suitable for kids and adults of all ages because of their soft materials and lack of tiny parts, there are a few exceptions. Squishmallow erasers, keychains, and other figurines may contain small parts which can be a choking hazard for young children. Some Squishmallow items may also have tiny accessories or decals which can be unsafe for children under the age of 3. However, as long as you’re careful to choose the right line for your child’s age group, they’re sure to love snuggling up with their new Squishmallow friend!

In addition to these safety concerns, parents should also take care when choosing their child’s Squishmallow. Many of the larger sizes may present a risk of suffocation if left in a sleeping environment. To ensure that your child is getting the most out of their Squishmallow, make sure to choose a size that’s appropriate for their age and skill level. This will ensure that they don’t accidentally swallow or choke on any tiny parts, as well as make sure that the size is comfortable for them to snuggle up with. With the right size and selection, you can be sure that your child will love their Squishmallow for years to come!

What's the best way to care for Squishmallows?

Caring for your Squishmallows is easy and straightforward! To keep them looking their best, it's important to spot clean with a damp cloth as needed. If they get especially dirty, you can also machine wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle. Be sure to air dry your Squishmallows, as heat can damage the fabric. Additionally, try to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and UV rays. With just these simple steps, your squishy, plush toys will stay cuddly and soft for years to come!

How big are the largest Squishmallows?

Squishmallow plush toys come in a variety of sizes, with the standard size being 8 inches and 14 inches. The largest Squishmallows are the Jumbo Plushes which measure in at 24 inches, making them twice as large as the standard size. These Jumbo Plushes are the perfect size for cuddling, as they provide more space to get comfortable while still being incredibly soft and plush. They are perfect for bedtime cuddles, as well as for making a statement in any room of your house!

In addition to their large size, the jumbo plushes also feature special super soft, marshmallow-like fabrics that make them even more huggable and cuddly. This fabric is designed to be ultra-durable and withstand countless hugs, so you can always depend on your Squishmallow for comfort and companionship. With their larger size, the jumbo plushies are perfect for those seeking a bigger plush toy to enjoy and cuddle up!

Are there any exclusive designs or editions of Squishmallows available?

There are definitely some exclusive designs and editions of Squishmallows available! For example, some designs can only be purchased at certain retailers, like Target, Walmart, Five Below, Amazon, and more. There are also a number of holiday-themed Squishmallows, like the Halloween Jack-O’-Lantern or the Christmas Elf. These special edition Squishmallows are perfect for adding a festive touch to your collection! Additionally, there are some rare and hard-to-find Squishmallows that can only be purchased through certain vendors. These limited edition Squishmallows feature unique designs and colors, making them highly sought after by collectors. Whatever you're looking for, there's sure to be an exclusive design that's perfect for you! Plus, you can even get creative and customize Squishmallows to make yours truly one-of-a-kind!

Is there a limit to how many different Squishmallow characters you can collect?

When it comes to collecting Squishmallow characters, there’s no limit! With hundreds of different characters to choose from, you can mix and match to create your own unique collection. You can find individual characters on their own or as part of sets with multiple characters. What’s more, some editions come with exclusive accessories or special features – like reversible sequin designs – to make them even more collectible. So, whether you’re looking for an everyday companion or some fun additions for your Squishmallows collection, the possibilities are endless!

Does buying a larger-sized Squishmallow mean it's higher quality than smaller sizes?

Buying a larger-sized Squishmallow does not necessarily mean it is of higher quality than its smaller counterparts. Regardless of size, each Squishmallow is crafted with the same super soft marshmallow-like fabric, making them all equally huggable and durable. So, no matter if you choose a small or large Squishmallow, you can be sure that it will last for many years to come and provide plenty of snuggles along the way.

What started the Squishmallow craze and boom in popularity?

Squishmallows are a toy sensation that has taken the world by storm. The Squishmallow craze began in 2017 when Kellytoy, a global plush toy company, introduced the first line of Squishmallows. The company aimed to create an unforgettable plush toy line that was both soft and squishy, yet durable enough to withstand plenty of hugs and cuddles.

The Squishmallows quickly took off in popularity due to their irresistibly soft texture and wide range of adorable characters from popular films, like Toy Story and The Incredibles. There are a few key factors that likely contributed to their skyrocketing success. First, Squishmallows offer a unique combination of cute designs, softness, and squishiness that appeal to people of all ages. They’re also easy to collect and care for, making them the perfect low-maintenance pet or gift. Additionally, their affordability makes them accessible to even more people, which likely helped fuel word-of-mouth marketing and social media buzz. Whatever the reasons may be, there’s no denying that Squishmallows have stolen the hearts of many and become one of the most popular plush toys on the market today.

The Best Pixar Squishmallow for You

Pixar Squishmallows are a beloved line of plush toys that bring joy to both children and adults. Crafted out of the softest fabrics, they boast an array of playful designs inspired by popular characters from movies and the Pixar franchise. From vibrant colors to sweet faces, Pixar Squishmallows have something for everyone! No matter what your choice is, these durable cuddle buddies will last through years of playtime! Pixar Squishmallows are the go-to toy line for both kids and parents alike, with a wide range of vibrant designs that add an extra layer of cheer to any space. These plush friends provide hours of fun as well as comfort when needed. Whether you’re looking for a toy to cuddle up with at night, or just something fun and unique to add to your collection, Pixar Squishmallows are the perfect choice!  With such an extensive selection, from classic characters to special editions, you’ll be sure to find a Pixar Squishmallow just right for them!

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