TENS Units That Will Be A Great Aid For Muscle Pain

Are you looking for a tooling aid for pain relief, rehabilitation or in strength training? One of these TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators) units will be a doctor's choice that sends out pulses to stimulate muscles and help release pain-relieving endorphins to get yourself up. Our list includes a model that is suitable for serious athletes to game up!

#3: Pure Enrichment PurePulse

This low-cost TENS unit has 10 intensity levels with analog dial control. The numbers are easier to read and are clearly labeled compared to other units with dials. It features three massage modes, plus six modes customized to certain body parts. Quite impressive, right? Its lowest intensity level feels stronger than the corresponding levels of other units. The jumps between intensities feel larger while the intensity starts to feel very strong around level five. It has two channels that can set to different intensities. Great choice for beginners!



#2: Compex Sport Elite

This TENS unit is the best choice for athletes to give them a competitive edge. It has nine programs to choose from, you can achieve peak performance and fitness with virtually no cardiovascular fatigue, and from speeding up recovery to increase strength or endurance. Plus, it includes one set of 4 easy-snap electrode lead wires and 2 different sizes of easy-snap electrodes.



#1: TechCare Massager Plus

This unit is the most comfortable and convenient TENS unit to use. Compared to other units, this model has a larger screen, smaller size that runs on a 20-hour rechargeable battery, and it is much easier to carry around. It offers 20 intensity levels so you can choose between strong or weak fine-tune sensation that you want. It also has separate adjustable settings for each lead that allows you to send more or less current to each contact point. The intensity control uses digital buttons rather than dials so you won't accidentally start the current too high. The disadvantages are that it's not easy to navigate around the settings, you can’t scroll back and forth with one button cycles through all six modes and the four levels within each, and the intensity also drops back to zero each time you start a new mode. Yet, it is still on the top of our list for the best TENS units you can buy!



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